Compressed air technology 4.0 Make your production fit for the future

In industry, compressed air is almost as important as a source of energy as electricity. Forward-looking companies rely on the knowledge and competence of experts such as Kaeser. No company generates its own electricity and the compressed air supply should be planned and handled by specialists in the same way.

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KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a supplier of products, services and complete systems for using compressed air as an energy source in production and work processes.
KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a supplier of products, services and complete systems for using compressed air as an energy source in production and work processes.
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Products from Kaeser Kompressoren have long stood for efficiency, quality and reliable service. Recently, however, pioneering service offerings have increasingly moved to the forefront of business activities. These include, for example, operator models for compressed air stations and concepts supporting industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance applications.

In order to continue to live up to this claim, Kaeser works on innovations in the field of compressed air every single day. This applies to the hardware as well as to software and services. From refrigeration dryers to revolutionary control systems (Sigma Air Manager 4.0), from construction compressors to completely new business models, where the customer only buys compressed air or digitalization and industry 4.0 - Kaeser is and remains a pioneer in the industry with innovative and high-quality products and services when it comes to generating and using compressed air economically, reliably and efficiently. Development and production take place almost exclusively in Germany. Internationally, a network of well-trained employees ensures that compressed air systems run smoothly all over the world. Even under the most difficult conditions.

THE COMPANY Reliable, efficient and economical supply of compressed air - that's what Kaeser Kompressoren stands for. The family business can look back on a long and successful development. Founded in 1919, the supplier of compressed air systems is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. One century after company founder Carl Kaeser Senior laid the foundation stone, the company is represented in well over 100 countries around the world by its own offices and exclusive partners. Currently, more than 6600 employees are working for Kaeser and do their best to ensure that customers are satisfied. The company is managed by Thomas Kaeser, grandson of the company founder, and his wife Tina-Maria Vlantoussi-Kaeser.

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Kaeser supports their customers throughout the entire life cycle of a compressed air system, from planning through construction, to operation and constant optimization. The company's many years of above-average growth and expansion can be clearly attributed to its innovative spirit and high-quality standards.

Kaeser's product range includes stationary screw compressors, mobile construction compressors, stationary and workshop mobile piston compressors, vacuum pumps, rotary blowers, screw blowers, turbo compressors, filters, dryers, compressed air tools and accessories. In the field of compressor controls, Kaeser offers particularly efficient systems using state-of-the-art information technology. Above all, they ensure a low energy consumption of compressed air stations, which benefits both users and the environment.