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One of the biggest intralogistics trade fair in Europe, LogiMAT is expected to attract over 1,600 exhibitors from over 40 countries. The show enables industry players to get an insight into the market and also obtain significant knowledge in intralogistics and process management.

With an exhibition space of more than 120,000 sq m and over 1,600 exhibitors from over 40 countries, this year’s LogiMAT trade fair is going to be bigger.
With an exhibition space of more than 120,000 sq m and over 1,600 exhibitors from over 40 countries, this year’s LogiMAT trade fair is going to be bigger.
(Source: Euroexpo Messe-und Kongress)

With an exhibition space of more than 120,000 sq m, this year’s LogiMAT trade fair is definitely bigger! Scheduled to be held from February 19–21 in Stuttgart, Germany, the popular trade show focuses on intralogistics solutions or technologies and process management. In other words, it is a show for in-company material flow and computer-controlled processes from procurement to production and distribution in the European region. The show will throw open its gate to the world post the official opening ceremony of LogiMAT which will be held by Michael Ruchty, Exhibition Director LogiMAT Stuttgart, Euroexpo Messe- und Kongress, Munich Innovations. This year, LogiMAT will be celebrating its 17th edition and its core theme is ‘First-hand intralogistics: Intelligent – Efficient – Innovative’.

Massive participation

The show has reported that over 1,600 exhibitors from over 40 countries will be participating at the event; out of this figure 250 exhibitors will be participating at LogiMAT for the very first time. In terms of international exhibitors, 90 of them are from Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. From this, over 50 exhibitors are from China and Taiwan.

Innovations at LogiMAT 2019

In line with the theme of the show, exhibitors will showcase innovative as well as new intralogistics products and solutions to industry players. The various solutions that will be displayed at the trade fair include innovations for end-to-end process automation; Intralogistics software solutions that support artificial intelligence; Industrial wearable-based augmented reality innovations; the latest solutions in forklifts and related accessories; driverless transport systems; solutions for telematics and transport management; information security management systems; latest software solutions for customs, shipping, and export controls; IT-supported services; Cutting-edge products and services such as turntable stretch wrappers, 3D center-of-gravity scales, 3D freight dimensioning in both mobile and ceiling-mounted models, digital security printers; and much more.

According to the organisers, Euroexpo Messe-und Kongress, exhibitors have already announced that they will be displaying close to 130 fresh innovations that have never been seen before. This has already got industry players excited to attend the trade fair. The event will also act as a platform for exhibitors as well as visitors to generate potential business leads and network with industry leaders respectively.

Accompanying programmes

Apart from all this, LogiMAT 2019 will also host 30 Trade Forums to address the subject of ‘intralogistics’ in today’s market scenario along with its latest trends. Each of the sessions will be spearheaded by experts from the business and academic communities. Some of the areas that will be highlighted in the context of intralogistics are sustainability, innovation, autonomous transports, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics.

The Innovations Forums is another segment at the fair which will hold live product demonstrations. Via this platform, companies can reach out to a greater audience and explain the specialised functionalities of their products and solutions. It is interesting to note that more than 40 presentations will be held at this forum.

The Events section will also present live demos of practical solutions in relation to the current challenges of the industry. Focusing on the best practices in ‘securing loads’ and ‘warehouse logistics’, the exhibitors will also share information on the measures to be undertaken by market players in order to optimise their intralogistics processes. ‘Innovation Made in Germany’ is a special area located in Hall 2 that will welcome start-ups to showcase their latest work in distribution, material flow, and software/IT to industry players.

Awards – best product

From the many exhibitors participating at LogiMAT, there are a few lucky ones that are felicitated by the show every year for introducing innovative products or solutions that increase productivity in in-company logistics, assist rationalisation and also save costs. The prize is awarded across three divisions: software, communication, IT; order picking, conveying, lifting, storage technology; and identification, packaging and loading technology, load securing. This year, the ‘Best Product’Award will be given away by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner, Chair of Material Handling Technology, Material Flow and Logistics, Technical University of Munich, Garching.

The winners of the last edition are Berger Engineering’s Seos technology in the software, communication, IT segment; ProGlove’s ProGlove MARK smart glove in the identification, packaging and loading technology, load securing segment; and Magazino’s SOTO robot in the order picking, conveying, lifting, storage technology category.

Trade World 2019

This competence platform for trading processes is a strategic component integrated into LogiMAT. The segment showcases products and solutions that focus on e-commerce and logistics processes. Through this, Trade World enables industry players to digitally transform as well as optimise their respective trade processes.

All in all, LogiMAT 2019 is set to offer its visitors with a range of next-gen innovations regarding intralogistics and process management. Come, and explore the intralogistics industry like never before!

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