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Both efficiency and safety are required in forklift management

As Felix Dai, director of AB inbev Beer Logistics, and Ran Zhu, manager of warehouse engineering, put it, the purpose of a forklift management system is to solve the challenge of balancing efficiency and safety, to meet intelligent storage management needs, improve goods distribution efficiency, and connect to the enterprise information management system.

It is true that under the backdrop of digital transformation, AB inbev’s forklift operation management still needs to be further upgraded, especially in terms of forklift safety management. As a result, AB inbev is developing the Project COPILOT what is a forklift anti-collision system with Teknect, in an effort to enhance the active safety of forklift management. In the future, it will not only be necessary for people and forklifts to avoid each other, but also when accidents occur, COPILOT should also actively slow down and stop the forklift. During this product’s entire development process, AB inbev’s project team has been deeply involved with Teknect, and the intellectual property rights for their final technological achievements will be jointly owned by the two companies.


"This project has also attracted worldwide attention from the AB inbev Group since its early development. Currently, it is being piloted in the Ningbo factory, and will be further rolled out and installed this year. We are looking forward to making our warehouse safer with new technologies” Said Ran Zhu, Warehouse Engineering Manager of AB inbev Beer.

At present, Teknect's main customers are large-scale industrial enterprises and logistics enterprises, which see large demand for logistics equipment such as forklifts. With its software, internet, IOT and other experience, Teknect has been continuously developing its’ intelligent forklift management systems and remains committed to improving the safety performance of forklifts while improving work efficiency.

Customer data show that a customer with many factories who has adopted Teknect's system achieved the following figures in one year: statistical analysis showed that personnel efficiency increased by 10 %, equipment efficiency increased by 15 %, and the safety accident rate has decreased by more than 50 %. For Teknect, making forklifts which can be used in a more efficient and safe manner is also to protect the safety of people's lives and property, which is exactly Teknect’s enterprise mission.

Teknect has always made product research and development the company’s top priority. The company’s current main product includes the installation of cloud platform services, controller hardware, and system software onto the equipment. Each aspect cannot be realized without the continuous development, iteration and improvement of the team, far from a "one-shot deal". Tony Li, Operations Manager of Teknect, indicated that "In fact, even on a global scale, a large organization introducing a new management system is still an act with a high failure rate. It is a rare achievement to just pass the acceptance examination, especially to fully fulfill the expectations of customers.

Looking back on the experience of project cooperation in the past few years, the key to the FMS project’s great success lies in the following three elements:

1. AB inbev has clear goals and strong execution: as a traditional industry company, AB inbev possesses rare technical insight; moreover, as a large enterprise with a complex structure, it is also highlighted by its rare decision-making power and execution.

2. Flexible project management: There is a process of gradual understanding and learning in many functional definitions. Interactive lean development is adopted for the project. The project team understood the needs of customers, and the engineers delivered the first draft as quickly as possible, and then promptly collected user feedback to improve the products, thus avoiding a tremendous waste of resources in the wrong direction.

As a matter of fact, even now, the AB inbev FMS project still cannot be really considered completed. The project team is still collecting user requirements and further improving FMS, with a view to making it an organically growing system.

3. Efficient project team member collaboration: an efficient project team is the cornerstone of the success of a multi-year long-term project. We have established a cross-organizational communication mechanism, which has completely surpassed the positions of Party A and Party B in terms of project implementation.

As AB inbev's partner, Teknect is extremely grateful for their valuable contribution, especially for their time and effort. Thanks to their long-term cooperation with AB inbev, Teknect has made great progress in understanding customer needs and improving products."

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As early as 2018, Teknect passed its ITSS certification, which is a professional certification in IT operation and maintenance, representing Teknect's assurance of quality and qualification to provide cloud services for users. This is exactly the creed to which Teknect has always adhered: to always provide users with the best products and services.