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A number of gadgets have been introduced in the market but which one is worth buying? If you are looking for stunning features and wow factors in your gadget then this article can help you find it.

The Oculus Quest by Facebook is a cool gaming headset built for virtual reality.
The Oculus Quest by Facebook is a cool gaming headset built for virtual reality.
(Source: Facebook)

Christmas is just around the corner and this means it’s time to shop for your loved ones. MM International has compiled four interesting and recent innovations that you can gift to the geek in your family or friends circle. These technologies include the VR-based Oculus Quest gaming headset, Mui’s smart wooden plank, the CX-1 robotic suitcase and the Deebot N79S robot vacuum.

VR gaming headset

The Oculus Quest by Facebook is a cool gaming headset built for virtual reality (VR). Equipped with two six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controllers, the gaming system does not comprise any wires which make it convenient for players to freely move around and have fun. This means that one can now play anywhere with just a VR headset and the controllers. With built-in audio, the device allows one to hear all the possible sounds in the game without the need for external headphones. The Oculus Quest runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system on chip and with the help of the touch controllers one’s punches, grabs and even slashes appear in VR with intuitive and realistic precision.

Smart Wooden Plank

Mui is a smart and simple wooden plank that is capable of various functions such as displaying messages, weather forecasts, the time, and voicemails. It can also be used to obtain an overview of the numerous devices at home including thermostats and controls for dimming the lights. Created by the Japanese company Mui, the plank comprises a touch-sensitive interface with an LED light display and comes equipped with Google Assistant. It is interesting to note that when not in use the device looks like a simple plank of wood and on tapping it lights up the screen and shows all the information mentioned above.

Robotic suitcase

Introduced by the Chinese company ForwardX, the CX-1 robotic suitcase is designed to follow its owner wherever they go. Comprising a camera at the front and the ability to study facial recognition, the smart suitcase also offers features such as auto-locking and safety. CX-1 also has the capability to dodge obstacles in its way so that it doesn’t lose sight of its owner. With this new innovation, travelers can travel hands free without worrying about their luggage. In addition to this, as a safety measure, if the distance between the bag and the owner increases i.e. more than 3 meters then the suitcase will send an instant alert to the owner’s Smart Band.

The robot vacuum

For all those people who are just too lazy to get up and clean their home regularly, the Deebot N79S robot vacuum comes as a savior. Developed by Ecovacs, the vacuum is a versatile cleaning solution with multiple modes to clean the floor. The Deebot N79S robot vacuum can be controlled with the Ecovacs Home App which is a simple remote system. Capable of automatically charging itself, the robot vacuum is equipped to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. One can also schedule the cleaning time for the robot vacuum.

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