Prodex Award Winners Latest High-Tech “Made in Switzerland“

Editor: Theresa Knell

The Prodex Awards are given at the Swiss industry fair Prodex. They are awarded to industrial enterprises that stand out with innovative or improved products, processes or services. In 2019, the special prize for Best Performer was awarded for the first time.

The winners of the 2019 Prodex Awards: 1st place: GF Machining Solutions, 2nd: Fraisa SA, 3rd: Bystronic, Best Performer: Mikron Tool
The winners of the 2019 Prodex Awards: 1st place: GF Machining Solutions, 2nd: Fraisa SA, 3rd: Bystronic, Best Performer: Mikron Tool
(Source: Anne Richter)

Ten Swiss companies competed for this year's Prodex Awards. The ceremony attracted numerous visitors, and everyone was excited to find out who the winner of the 2019 Prodex Awards would be. This year, too, the jury did not make things easier for itself because numerous impressive innovation were introduced. But in the end, the victor was announced:

1. Place: GF Machining Solutions

The representatives of GF Machining Solutions from Losone were able to hold high the victory trophy with pride. Their revolutionary innovation, «Spark Track», in the sphere of wire-cut electrical discharge machining, allows the accurate location and regulation of electrical discharges on a wire during the spark erosion process. Thanks to the integration of a DLT sensors (discharge location tracker), the specialists at GF Machining Solutions can accurately locate the position of an electrical discharge on the wire as well as in the tool (based on x, y and z coordinates). The great advantage of this innovation is that thanks to the ISPS (intelligent spark protection system) module, continuous productivity of the machine is guaranteed. It is no longer necessary to disrupt processing due to wire breakages caused by an overload.

2. Place: Fraisa SA

Second place was won by Fraisa SA, which developed its ToolExpert software for finishing cutting. With this, the innovative ArcutX milling cutter can operate much more productively. During cutting, ToolExpert identifies the cutting parameter that suits the current task, and can reduce the duration of milling by up to 90 %. These boosts in productivity were made possible solely by a perfect harmonization of hardware (tools), cutting data and CAM (software).

3. Place: Bystronic

Third place in the Prodex Awards went to Bystronic. Bystronic developed a technology to prevent metal sheets from tilting during laser cutting. The engineers at Bystronic developed the sophisticated algorithm TiltPrevention. It improves processing safety during laser cutting. The new function in the BySoft 7 software generates cutting processes that minimize the risk of «rising» metal parts.

Best Performer 2019: Mikron Tool

There was great joy when the winner of the «Best Performance Company» prize during the 2019 Prodex Awards was announced for the first time. The jury chose Mikron Tool from Agno. They were impressed by the company’s growth over the past 20 years. At that time the Tessin-based company had 30 employees, whereas today it has over 200. The main reason for this growth is the technological advancement of the company’s tools in the sphere of substrate, refrigeration, layering and macro and microgeometries. Mikron Tool develops its tools specifically for substances that demand high-precision processing, ranging from medical technology all the way to air and space travel. To keep up with demand for the high-performance tools, the company is investing in its sites in Tessin and in Rottweil in Germany, as well as in tool grinding machines and in personnel.


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