Cables and connectors Lapp shows off its cable for direct current

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

The company will be exhibiting various innovations within the cables and connectors space at the upcoming smart and digital automation exhibition – SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Germany.

The Ölflex DC 100 connection cable is the first series cable for direct current.
The Ölflex DC 100 connection cable is the first series cable for direct current.
(Source: Lapp Group)

Lapp Kabel develops cables and conductors for a wide range of industries namely automotive, EDC, mechanical and systems engineering, MSR technology, electrical and installations engineering, etc. Headquartered in Stuttgart, the company will be participating at SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. At the three day trade fair, Lapp Kabel will be showcasing numerous solutions including the Ölflex DC 100 cable, the Ölflex Servo FD 7TCE cable, the Ölflex Connect Chain configurator and the Epic Power Ls1 Plug Connector.

Ölflex DC 100 cable

Developed specifically for the usage of direct current, the Ölflex DC 100 connection cable is the first series cable in the market that offers this feature. Capable of lasting for decades, this cable is similar to the firm’s Ölflex Classic 100 cable which proves suitable for alternating-current. For instance, the properties of both the cables are identical i.e. both cables have a PVC sheath and the same withstand voltage. However, the cables differ when it comes to their insulation as well as colour coding of the wires.

Ölflex Servo FD 7TCE cable

It’s not new that industries have to abide by strict standards and regulations but this scenario often results in becoming a tiresome and time-consuming process for cabling the machinery. Hence, the company has introduced one cable – the Ölflex Servo FD 7TCE for the control cabinet, rack and drag chain segments. With the use of this cable, industry players are at ease as this allows them to incorporate a single cable from the control cabinet or inverter via the cable rack to the machinery – even in a mobile drag chain – no matter if the installation is fixed, flexible or even ultra-flexible.

One of the interesting aspects of this cable is that it includes multiple features unlike any other cable available in the market. UV-resistant, flame retardant and oil-resistant, this cable is UL-listed as a ‘TC-ER’ rack cable and ‘flexible motor supply cable’ that can also be used on-site in the US. The fine copper wires in the conductors ensure that the cables are highly flexible and suitable for tight bending radii.

Ölflex Connect Chain configurator

This solution assists industry players to create assembled energy chains online without any difficulty. The Ölflex Connect Chain configurator guides players step by step through the selection of the drag chain, the cables and the right accessories.

Epic Power Ls1 Plug connector

Equipped with the Epic Twist fast-connect system, the Epic Power Ls1 Plug connector is circular in shape and is increasingly popular for servo drive cabling. Offering flexibility and high quality, the specialised connector is extremely robust and compatible with the market standard. The connector’s unique EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) design does not allow electromagnetic pulses following high currents to get out.

Lapp Kabel will also be displaying its range of solutions in the field of Industrial Data Communication at SPS IPC Drives 2018. To catch live demonstrations of these innovations, do visit the company in hall 2, booth 310.

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