Exhibition Italy: This year's edition of BI-MU offers two different visit itineraries

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The biennial machine tool, robotics and automation exhibition BI-MU will be held at Fiera Milano in Rho from October 4–8, 2016. The organizers hope to offer the widest range of products to the public.

For the first time in sixty years of activity the BI-MU also includes technology related to oil-hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
For the first time in sixty years of activity the BI-MU also includes technology related to oil-hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
(Bild: Pixabay)

Promoted by Ucimu, Sistemi Per Produrre, the Italian machine tools, robots and automation systems manufacturers’ association, and organized by Efim, Ente Fiere It Aliane Macchine, the 30th edition of BI-MU is ready to reap the benefits derived from the recovery of the market, which both in Italy and abroad, is again investing in production systems.

In particular, the Italian machine tool consumption, which increased in the two-year period 2014-2015 by 33.8 per cent and by 31.3 per cent respectively, will continue its positive trend also for the whole year 2016: it should nearly achieve 4 billion euro, a value that is close to the record of 2007 and that testifies to the potential of the exhibition scheduled for next October in Milan.

On the other hand, the measures of industrial policy provided for by the Government authorities, from the new Sabatini Law to the Super Depreciation included in the Stability Law 2016, will grant a wider scope to the demand expressed by the Italian machine tool users who will experience the numerous novelties presented at BI-MU.

Added attractions and areas for visitors

Thirty editions and over sixty years of activity made BI-MU the reference exhibition – not only in Italy – for technologies related to all segments belonging to the sector of production systems: not only machine tools, robotics, automation, welding, surface treatment and finish, tooling, accessories, but also additive manufacturing and—a novelty of the 2016 edition—oil-hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The edition number thirty of BI-MU will actually host the special area ‘Potenza Fluida/Fluid Power’ promoted by Assofluid, the Italian Association representing the category. In this area at the visitors’ disposal there will be the best production of the field, which is, by its nature, complementary to the machine tool sector. The space Potenza Fluida/Fluid Power will be completed with workshops, meetings and ‘technological matching’ events.

With the purpose of making the exhibition capable of meeting the needs of the market and making it more interesting for visitors, beside BI-MU, the organizers have decided to present the Sfortec Industry, the new interpretation of Sfortec, which dissolves its exclusive connection with the machine tool sector by expanding its technological repertoire to the whole manufacturing industry.

In this way, the organizers of the biennial machine tool exhibition intend to offer the widest range of products to the public visiting the trade show, who will be able to choose between two parallel visit itineraries: the ‘Make’ of BI-MU, for those who design and manufacture, and the ‘Buy’ of Sfortec Industry, for those who buy different services, outsourcing a part of their activity. This new formula, interesting both for visitors and exhibitors of BI-MU, will be characterized not only by a more complete technological repertoire, but also by a new format: 3 exhibition days, from October 6-8, and an entirely dedicated hall.