Robotics and Automation Italy: New partnership for system integrators

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The Italian trade fair A&T Robotic world and the German trade fair Automatica team up to create a new platform particularly for system integrators. The two events believe that the competitive development of industry is closely related to investments in automation and robotic technologies.

Oval Lingotto Turin is the place, where during the 20th olympic winter games the ice skaters compeeted for the gold medal. It is also where the 11th A&T will take place in 2017.
Oval Lingotto Turin is the place, where during the 20th olympic winter games the ice skaters compeeted for the gold medal. It is also where the 11th A&T will take place in 2017.
(Bild: A&T)

These technologies are constantly changing and a major involvement of the system integrator will lead to significant competitive advantages for the Italian industry, so the conclusion of both trade fairs. It was therefore decided to offer a specific platform for system integrators. This platform aims at leveraging the skills of the two events to create business opportunities, technology transfer, exchange of ideas and experience among industrial operators, and presentations in the field of general industry and automotive applications. The two events work together on this project by focusing on concrete contents and providing special solutions for system integrators.

One of the main goals of this partnership is to offer the world of robotics and the Italian productive world a marketing platform and content of concrete usefulness for competitive purposes. The second goal is to facilitate the participation of the industry at Automatica and A&T Robotic World.

Offers for system integrators at Automatica and A&T Robotic World

The two events plan to be designed to provide visiting system integrators a specialized exhibition useful for those who work daily at the service of the basic needs of end user companies. The two events will involve the exhibiting companies in the development of content aimed at system integrators. The slogan will be "System Integrator + Robots = more competitive industries."

Furthermore A&T Robotic World and Automatica want to offer special conditions for system integrators who want to exhibit. According to the organizers this will go much further than regular rate discounts. It is important for them to promote the presence of system integrators as exhibitors.

“A&T sees the collaboration with Automatica a real opportunity to build a path of practical usefulness for Italian companies. The Italian market is made up to 98% of small and medium-sized companies, thousands of which will grow in the coming years and they expect to invest more and more in robotic technology”, said Luciano Malgaroli, founder and general director of A&T Robotic World. “This partnership demonstrates once again how we can create a system for the benefit of all with a large project in which the partners are aiming for a single goal: to improve the competitiveness of Italian companies.”

Davide Galli, owner and CEO of Monacofiere said, that “the shared project with A&T Monacofiere represents a first significant step in active collaboration with an Italian trade fair partner in industrial automation and robotics. The common aim is to offer Italian companies a coordinated marketing platform on the two most important manufacturing markets of the continent which must meet the challenge of industrial production of the third millennium.”