Market Insight Italy: Italian machine tool orders register +0.2% in Q3

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A recent study by the UCIMU-Sistemi Per Produrre has revealed that there is stability with regards to the Italian machine tool orders index in Q3 2018.

The order numbers in Italy are currently satisfactory.
The order numbers in Italy are currently satisfactory.
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The report says that the machine tool order index in Q3 grew by 0.2 % compared to the same period a year before. The index value was noted at 109.2 (base of 2010= 100), based on the release by the Studies Department and Business Culture of Ucimu, Italy's machine tool, robots, automation systems and ancillary products (NC, tools, components, accessories) manufacturers' association. Ucimu has over two hundred associate member companies, accounting for over 70% of Made in Italy in the sector.

Orders from the foreign market showed a positive trend, increasing 6.8 % vs. the period July-September 2017 to note an index value of 122.4. On the other hand, a decrease in domestic orders was noted, plunging 15.3 % to correspond with an index value of 56, compared with Q3 2017.

“The downturn of the orders collected in the domestic market shows a certain slowdown of investments in new technologies by Italian users, but this result should not mislead us,” Massimo Carboniero, President of Ucimu noted, adding that this figure in Q3 2018 is being compared with a record-breaking Q3 2017.

Carboniero added that the order numbers in Italy are currently satisfactory. The numbers are results of the 31.BI-MU/SFortec Industry, the machine tool sector’s exhibition that closed mid October in Milan, which was a huge success in terms of visitor numbers and established contacts. Furthermore, a large number of the member companies waited for BI-MU to define their investment plans, determining at least partially, a re-sizing in the order collection in Q3.

Apart from the data, Carboniero noted that Italian manufacturers are worried or actually the entire Italian manufacturing industry is uncertain about the incentive provisions of the Italian Budget Plan 2019 – which will very likely not include important measures to support growth, especially that of SMEs, which make up the framework of the Italian industrial system.

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