Packaging Italy: Bridging the Gap

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The cooperation between the Italian Packaging Institute and IPACK-IMA 2018 grows stronger. The 2018 edition of IPACK-IMA will once again benefit from the important cooperation and patronage of the Italian Packaging Institute, which will be involved in the exhibition’s organization as early as the strategy planning stage.

The IPACK-IMA in Italy attracks manufacturers as well as visitors interested in packaging.
The IPACK-IMA in Italy attracks manufacturers as well as visitors interested in packaging.

The institute will promote the event among its member companies, including both potential exhibitors (packaging manufacturers) and visitors interested in packaging.

The agreement provides for a number of promotional activities carried out over the three-year period 2016/2018. These include IPACK-IMA’s sponsorship of the international conference ‘Food Contact Compliance’, promoted by the Institute as part of the ‘Packaging Education’ programme.

As in the past, between 2016 and 2018 IPACK-IMA will sponsor the yearly editions of ‘Best Packaging— the Packaging Oscars’, the prestigious event that in 2018 will combine design with the topic of technological innovation, traditionally a central theme of IPACK-IMA. The award-giving ceremony will be hosted by the exhibition.

The Italian Packaging Institute will participate in IPACK-IMA 2018 with an institutional stand and will provide ongoing planning support within the Steering Committee as well as the various Committees that will be formed to support and promote the initiatives connected to the show.

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