Ucimu Italian machine tool association appoints new president

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Massimo Carboniero has been named new president of the Italian machine tools, robots and automation systems manufacturers' association Ucimu.

Massimo Carboniero is Ucimu's new president.
Massimo Carboniero is Ucimu's new president.
(Source: Ucimu)

Carboniero is GM and co-owner of Omera, an Italy-based manufacturer of metal forming machine tools. According to Ucimu, he has been involved with Ucimu and other associations for a long time.

Carboniero is currently president of the Mechanics, Metallurgy and Electronics Department of Confindustria Vicenza; he is also a member of the General Council of National Confindustria and of the National Executive Committee of Federmeccanica. Moreover, he is a member of the Italian delegation of Cecimu, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries.

At Ucimu, he will be assisted by three vice-presidents: Sergio Bassanetti (D’Andrea, Lainate MI), Mauro Biglia (Biglia, Incisa Scapaccino AT) and Barbara Colombo (Ficep, Gazzada Schianno VA).

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