Trade Fair Innovative Logistics Solutions

Author / Editor: Benedikt Hofmann / Rosemarie Stahl

With the Special Exhibition “Innovative Logistics Solutions”, the Cemat 2016 aims to give answers on the merging and dynamisation of production processes and logistics. To this purpose, the firms participating in the Special Exhibition will have proportional shares in a joint exhibition piece, a demonstration logistics chain in Hall 27.

The Special Exhibition "Innovative Logistics Solutions" at Cema 2016 shows a complete logistics chain.
The Special Exhibition "Innovative Logistics Solutions" at Cema 2016 shows a complete logistics chain.
(Photo: Deutsche Messe)

There, around 30 exhibitors will give demonstrations at various points along the logistics chain showing how sequences can be made more efficient. The process chain on show begins at a model seaport with semi-automatic unloading of containers and semi-automatic unloading and palleting of packages from a trailer. After their identification, the pallets are passed on to a de-palletising robot. The packages are placed on a continuous conveyor. Industrial trucks and sensors for driverless transport systems are on display within the chain. After automated storage of the packages, they are then moved on to an automatic package opener. From the open package, an operator removes the products in the next step, identifies them using data glasses and places them in a container.

After that, the products are stored in a storage lift. There they are picked, packed into folding boxes and then placed on a continuous conveyor. Then a combination label with UHF and barcode is applied and the volume of the package determined. At two so-called “goods yards”, the packages are sorted according to size and identified. A robot cell takes over the automatic palletising. The finished load unit is then secured by means of foil and transported to the dispatch storage area. At this point in Hannover a floor stack storage unit and pallet racks are used.