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Outlook into the future of logistics

Needless to say, the modern logistics industry is still in rapid development. The logistic technology equipment will account for larger share of the national economy and play a more important role in the daily life. In the past, the sector was simply considered to be back-end work, but now logistics has completely surpassed the concept of logistics. Now, especially under the impetus of e-commerce and new retail, including the development of chain stores, their back-end must be supported by very efficient automation or intelligent logistics hubs.

Based on this understanding, Zhuo believes that the future development of logistics will involve continuous cross-border penetration, for example, logistics has entered the retail area, even the field of smart manufacturing. “Intelligent manufacturing is a combination of hardware and software, but the part of its hardware is actually the largest investment, and the biggest part of it is logistics equipment because the so-called production lines and processing centers are already there. In stock, it can be said that some of Chinese manufacturing plants are already very advanced, but the real smart manufacturing must be more efficient. They must rely on logistics equipment to link them and then operate efficiently under the guidance of system software and information technology. From these perspectives, we believe that logistics technology and equipment as a new increment will still show a relatively strong state of demand."

For the future of globalization, Zhuo said, "As mentioned earlier, Damon is an open-minded company, so we have a lot of friends and partners all over the world. We believe that technology and business are borderline, so we will further import globally updated technologies and better business models in the subsequent development, and we will also do some acquisitions and merging."

Today's Damon has completed the global layout, including the Cincinnati factory in Ohio, USA, the plant in Malaysia, the Melbourne factory in Australia, and the factory in Romania. Zhuo finally stated that “In the future development, Damon will also deploy more overseas factories to form a more integrated and coordinated global service system.”

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