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The second key to success: Standardization and modularization

Damon is keen on continuously creating new, outstanding products.
Damon is keen on continuously creating new, outstanding products.
(Source: Damon)

The second distinctive feature of Damon is the attention on product standardization and modularity. “We were the first to realize that products must be standardized and modularized, however, it is a hard way to achieve this goal. We made a lot of efforts, but the results were not great. In 2008, we hired an expert from the United States, Philip Karfinberg, the former chairman of the American Conveyor Machinery Association and a vice president of the engineering department of the United States HK Corporation, who has 42 years of experience in the application, design, and execution of materials handling automation and systems, as the chief technology officer of Damon Group and vice president of operations of the Logistics Automation Division. He stayed in China until 2012 and during this time he helped Damon to complete its most important task: standardization and modularization of its products.

Speaking of the value of experts, Zhuo is always full of gratitude. It is Philippe Kaufenberg's contribution using the standardized modules to build a systematic design approach for individualized products that has enabled Damon to achieve an overall increase in its ability to scale production and customization.

“Using Damon's products now is like playing with LEGO toys. But on the road to this result we've invested a decade of hard work. It is a process of gradual accumulation and gradual devotion. It is not an overnight process.” Zhuo looks back.

The third key to success: Stay open for new ideas

The third difference is that Damon has a corporate philosophy of “openness, tolerance and co-occurrence”. Since the establishment of the company, Damon has been open and constantly learning about advanced technologies from advanced industrial countries and hiring many experts from abroad. As Zhuo explains, “Damon hired Malaysian experts to help us produce the first modular roller in China from the beginning. In addition, we have successively hired Japanese experts, U.S. experts, European experts, etc. Therefore, on the road to innovation, we are actually standing on the shoulders of giants in order to continue to learn, continue to absorb, and then to further renew the experience of the process.

However, it is undeniable that the employment of these experts is not only a great cost, but also a big challenge to our local team. Specifically, when the experts came to the company to communicate with our Chinese team, it was very hard. It was not just a matter of language, but more importantly, the way of thinking and dialogue. The methods are different, so we must be able to keep up with the pace of experts from overseas. In fact, our team has undergone a process of transformation."