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Twenty years of firm history is a sign that a company is getting mature. After two decades of efforts, Damon finally becomes the forefront of the industry and expands its business in the global market. The interview with Mr. Zhuo Xu, President of the Damon Group, gives us an insight into the future of Chinese enterprises. They are gradually becoming the backbone of the national industry.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Damon, the company held the inauguration ceremony to open its global innovation center.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Damon, the company held the inauguration ceremony to open its global innovation center.
(Source: Damon)

In 2017, Damon celebrated its 20th anniversary. For a new industry, 20 years of history is a long and gradually growing process. Damon, which has developed along with China's logistics industry, is just in time for this trend. It grew from a small company to a leader in the field of logistics equipment. The industry has begun to boom, and has taken a leading position globally and domestically in certain products and services.

Damon’s extraordinary development

Mr. Zhuo Xu, President of the Damon Group
Mr. Zhuo Xu, President of the Damon Group
(Source: Damon)

“Damon development has evolved from a small firm to a leading company that has influenced the industry.” says Mr. Zhuo Xu.“This is of course associated with many difficulties. Everybody calls it a time of hard work and Damon is no exception. So there is no need to talk about the difference between Damon and other companies.

Damon started with the logistics component and created the first modularization roller in China. Also, it has created China’s first push-type sorter and China’s first modular pallet conveyor, which has been copied by numerous companies and has almost become the industry's standard. Recently, Damon released the fifth-generation modular intelligent conveyor system platform. This product surpasses the world's highest level and its intelligence and other key indicators are ahead of international leaders.”

The first key to success: Be a pioneer of your industry

“Damon has always been at the forefront of the industry in information technology. When most companies in China didn't know what PDM (product data management) was in 2002, Damon had already achieved digital management of all product data. Damon is building the first intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant in the logistics equipment industry. When domestic companies competed fiercely on price with each other, Damon nonetheless insisted on quality, and in 2010 the company took the lead in bringing forward internationalization and globalization. When domestic enterprises were busy with the process of mimicking cloning automation technology, we took the lead in putting forward the 'directory of logistics and smart machines' at the 2015 Hannover Logistics Exhibition in Shanghai. We began the digital transformation of logistics and transformed from an equipment provider to a digital logistics service provider. It is Damon that has been continuously creating new products instead of simply copying and expanding production capacity.”

In fact, as early as 20 years ago when he visited CeMAT in Germany, Zhuo made a determination to run an outstanding logistics equipment company. Determined to be a logistics supplier, Zhuo made a number of strategic arrangements for Damon not only to take advantage of the opportunities of industrial development, but also to create the unique business quality and thus achieve its own amazing process.

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