Market Scenario India: Taiwan to help bolster India’s manufacturing sector

Editor: Franziska Breunig

Leading Taiwanese machine tool makers showcase cutting-edge technology at Delhi Machine Tool Expo, promise to provide high-end manufacturing solutions for India.

Taiwanese machine tool makers showcase cutting-edge technology at Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2017.
Taiwanese machine tool makers showcase cutting-edge technology at Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2017.
(Source: TAITRA)

Buoyed by India’s positive business environment and demand for high-level machine tools, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and eight Taiwanese machine tool makers participated for the second consecutive time in Delhi Machine Tool Expo held between August 10 and 13 at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The high precision processing capability, smart manufacturing and total service solutions of Taiwan-made machine tools attracted quite a number of Indian buyers. Taiwan’s machine tools became their target for purchase and for production upgrade.

The exhibitors

The participating companies included leading manufacturers Tongtai Machine & Tool Company Ltd , Echaintool Industry Company Ltd, Huen Chen Machinery Company Ltd, Chain Headway Machine Tools Company Ltd , Mega Tek Machinery Pvt Ltd (Simco), Hann Kuen Machinery and Hardware Company Ltd , 7-Leaders Corp, and Kolowa Ventilation Company Ltd. They showcased a broad range of industrial equipment, from cutting-edge CNC machine centers and spring machines to various accessories that included spindle heads, cutting tools, and tool holders. They also promoted peripheral devices, such as industrial fans. Meanwhile, visitors got a glimpse of Taiwan's expertise in developing high efficient and durable machines.

“The Indian government has some superb initiatives to shore up its manufacturing sector. As the backbone of manufacturing, the machine tools industry has the potential to play a catalyzing role in the Indian manufacturing industry. We hope that India can benefit from Taiwan’s formidable expertise in manufacturing and Taiwan can help augment the indigenous capacity and fill the gap in India for manufacturing solutions,” said Director Yang of the Economic Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India during a press conference held in Pragati Maiden on August 10, 2017. Yang also discussed about the country’s competitiveness and advantages of Taiwan-made machine tools. He further emphasized on how Taiwan’s Machine Tools can contribute in “Make in India” initiative. Executives from leading Taiwanese machine tool companies presented their latest products, innovations and machining solutions.

Chain Headway Machine Tools showcased their bestselling and most competitive products Polygon-taper tool holder along with PCD inserts with mirror face milling cutters that feature better cutting, extend tool life and offer production efficiency.

Echaintool Industry Company Ltd launched a brand new MU-GMM and MU2-GMAproduct with excellent chips removal capability and can be applied with different materials.

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