Interview India: Leveraging on dynamic environment

Author / Editor: Nedra Pereira, Deputy Editor, Vogel Business Media India / Susanne Hertenberger

Chairman, ACMEE 2016, and Director, Entvent Tools & Services, R Ramchander speaks on the benefits of regional shows and their contribution towards building the economy. Excerpts of the interview follow.

Chairman, ACMEE 2016, and Director, Entvent Tools & Services, R Ramchander
Chairman, ACMEE 2016, and Director, Entvent Tools & Services, R Ramchander
(Bild: R Ramchander)

ACMEE has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. How does foresee the event opening more doors for all who attend?

ACMEE has come a long way since its first edition in 1994. It is now focused on machine tools, particularly on those based on latest technology platform with direct impact on improving productivity, quality of final output, time saving, cost reduction and labor/operation friendly. This focus will continue and I expect the forthcoming editions will highlight technological advances of the time. In the process, we will welcome new entrants into the field.

This edition of ACMEE had participants from around 30 countries. According to you how does foreign participation help the industry?

Four hundred and sixty-five participants including 125 from 25 countries participated in ACMEE 2016. As the foreign companies start their own operations or appoint agencies in India, the number of direct participation will not grow much, but you will see the number of foreign participants through their offices and agents in India increasing with each edition. We welcome any new technology that helps in production process.

The current environment in India, especially for the manufacturing sector, is extremely positive. What do you expect from the coming few months in the Indian market?

The excellent business response received by the participants in ACMEE 2016 directly points to the emerging dynamic economic environment of India. This upbeat should continue. The current trends portend a brighter industrial scene. The order book position of units in the Ambattur Industrial Estate is also very encouraging.

The Indian market is more and more confronted increased investment from other countries. That makes it to an extremely interesting investment destination. In your opinion, what are the other aspects that need to be looked at to help further this movement?

In simple words, any business man will invest if he finds his investments are safe and that he would get good returns. The current economic situation in India is very favorable. This coupled with a favorable policy framework announced by central and state governments, investments are bound to increase.

Thank you for the interview.