Interview India: Disruptive technologies offer new opportunities

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais, Associate Editor / Susanne Hertenberger

MachineMarket India speaks to the top management of DMG MORI on their plans for the Indian market and their views on jobs being lost amidst the rise of disruptive technologies.

Christian Thoenes, Chairman, Executive Board, DMG Mori AG
Christian Thoenes, Chairman, Executive Board, DMG Mori AG
(Source: Vogel Business Media)

In the current market scenario, how do you view the Indian market for increasing your business?

Christian Thoenes, Chairman, Executive Board, DMG Mori: India is moving strongly, we had a strong growth last year. The Indian market is becoming mature and focusing on productivity. We are offering disruptive technologies in Europe which will increase the pressure in the Indian market not only on productivity but also on offering low prices regarding the cost per piece. There are also numerous companies that require highly sophisticated and productive solutions in order to increase their export business, for instance, the aerospace industry. In India, we believe that we will have tremendous growth as we are already known for our turning and milling machines and offer the best in class solutions for five-axis machining across the globe. Therefore, I believe that the Indian market’s growth story will be successful.

What are your plans for the Indian market?

Thoenes: We are planning to set up a spindle repair centre along with a fixture department in the country.

Shinji Miyamoto, Managing Director, DMG Mori India: This year, we have set large targets to sell horizontal machines. This is the reason that we are building an in-house fixture department. The design and fixtures will be carried out internally while the machines will be produced globally.

Thoenes: Often our customers do not make use of the complete possibilities and productivity potential of their machines. Hence, this year, we are going to invest in people so that we do not only sell the machines but also educating the customer on the optimum utilisation of the machines as this is crucial for our future business. For this, I am willing to hire ten more service people immediately.

From which industries do you obtain your major customers from?

Sunil K Rao, Deputy Managing Director, DMG Mori India: Any metal cutting industry is a potential customer for us. We have a very strong presence in the aerospace sector especially in terms of the five-axis machines as we already have more than 380 simultaneous five-axis machines installed. We are the largest supplier of European based five-axis machines in India.

Miyamoto: Apart from the aerospace sector, the die and mould industry is also a big market where we have installed many machines. Now, we are focusing on the automotive sector as we are in the process of receiving new machines from Japan.

There are many reports suggesting that people will lose their jobs amidst disruptive technologies. What is your opinion on the same?

Thoenes: Disruptive technologies do not make people lose their jobs. In fact, the nature of the jobs will change and there will be new opportunities. People can not only be familiar with the machine, they have to understand the complete manufacturing process and production process. Jobs will not decrease but rather change and if people are not willing to study, learn and develop they will be left behind.

As a group what kind of turnover do you expect from India?

Thoenes: Our target is to reach € 100 million. We are not there at the moment but we will probably double our numbers this year. Currently, we are already above the half way mark!

Industry stalwarts claim that India can grow rapidly by the introduction of innovative disruptive technologies and there is a need for highly skilled workers.

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