Interview India: Aiming High

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais, Vogel Business Media India / Rosemarie Stahl

A growth driven organisation, Zavenir Daubert, has a vision to achieve a leadership position in the metal working fluids industry in the coming years. Head of Product Management and Marketing, Balwant Bains, shares his views.

Head of Product Management and Marketing at Zavenir Daubert, Balwant Bains.
Head of Product Management and Marketing at Zavenir Daubert, Balwant Bains.
(Bild: Zavenir Daubert)

Kindly elaborate on Zavenir Daubert’s journey since its inception in India.

Balwant Bains: In 1995, Zavenir Coated Products Pvt Ltd was established in India and later on the company’s name changed to Zavenir Daubert India. Our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified facilities at Binola, Gurgaon in Haryana comprises our corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and laboratories. In the year 2011, the company collaborated with Kluthe to become a leader in the field of metal working fluids in India. It is only after this venture that blending and analytical facilities for manufacturing of the Kluthe range of products were added to our plant. As a company we believe in continuous growth, our vision is to consolidate our leadership position in the field of corrosion protection while aiming to be among the top three players in the field of metal working fluids over the next few years. While doing so we remain sincerely committed to support the economic and technical advancement of India.

Please introduce us to your latest technology for the machine tool sector. What are its features and advantages?

Zavenir Daubert India has recently introduced Hakufluid, the new generation of cooling lubricants in the Indian market which combines the benefits of neat oils with those of water soluble cutting fluids. Hakufluid products are water based fully synthetic (oil free) viscous metal-working fluids in which the viscosity varies in order to obtain optimized process conditions for a wide variety of applications (grinding to broaching) and metallurgies.

The key features of this lubricant are mentioned below:

  • Better lubrication and tool life than neat oils
  • Water based – 100 per cent oil free, non-flammable
  • No oil dust or mists, clean parts and machines
  • Extremely low consumption

How important is R&D for your company?

R&D plays a very vital and important role for our company. It enables us to update our products and services for challenging situations. Our R&D team is well equipped to meet the challenges and bring about innovative technologies and solutions for the products. If one wants to grow in this competitive market they will have to work on all the aspects to make their products better.

In the background of the ‘Make in India’ concept, what are the opportunities you foresee in the Indian market for your products?

The ‘Make in India’ campaign is a great initiative undertaken by the Indian Government and we as a company fully support this movement. The manufacturing and machine tool market is currently witnessing growth and in this scenario we see tremendous potential for our products.

Our products will help machine tool companies and manufacturing units to offer quality products to their customers.

How are you planning to increase your business footprint in the country in the near future?

We have a wide range of products and services to offer our clients. We are also in the process of creating numerous innovative products for the Indian market. We intend to reach out to the market through direct channels, distributors, marketing campaigns and also through participation in mega machine tool shows such as Imtex 2017.