Event highlight Igm to showcase innovations at EuroBLECH

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

Igm is all set to exhibit some of its most compact and unique solutions under the theme ‘Strongly compact’. The firm’s product range includes robot systems, teach pendant K6 and the iCAM – Laser camera.

igm’s integrated laser camera iCAM is extremely effective for tracking gaps and volumes.
igm’s integrated laser camera iCAM is extremely effective for tracking gaps and volumes.
(Source: igm Robotersysteme)

The Austria-based company, igm Robotersysteme has a history of producing sensor controlled welding and cutting robot systems. The firm boasts of its presence in 20 plus countries through its subsidiary companies and sales partners. Igm also claims to be the sole manufacturer and supplier of automated welding and cutting technic from arc welding to laser and electron beam. It is not suprising then that with constant innovation and R&D (research and development) to create better and more efficient solutions, the firm has come up with numerous specialised technologies.

This year, in order to showcase its innovations to the industry, the company is planning to exhibit at the upcoming international sheet metal working technology exhibition, EuroBLECH 2018 in Hannover, Germany. Under the guiding theme ‘Strongly Compact’, igm intends to display highly compact solutions that offer significant flexibility and efficiency to carry out diverse processes. For instance, the firm’s robot systems prove ideal for heavy duty welding applications.

Robot systems

The robot systems are capable of offering a complete solution for work pieces up to 3,000 kg; covering just 30 sq m. Interestingly the parts remain accessible all around and can be welded without removing and reloading. This is possible via the system’s L-shaped manipulator which consists of a hollow shaft in the face plate. Similarly, a rotating column with cross and vertical slide enlarges the working range of the robot.

Teach pendant K6

The company’s light weight Teach Pendant K6 is a key element of the RCE control system and proves useful to control all the robotic functions. Produced by a high resistant plastic mould, the pendant is equipped with a 8.4” touch screen, a keyboard panel as well as a USB plug. Its pushbuttons can be easily used and operated even when wearing protective gloves. The solution is designed in such a manner that it proves beneficial for right hander’s as well as left operators.

iCAM – Laser camera

The integrated Laser camera iCAM is extremely effective for tracking gaps and volumes. The camera is mounted on the wrist axis of the robot which then measures the position and volume of the weld groove online and adjusts the robot movement and the welding parameters accordingly.

For the purpose of welding in narrow workpiece ranges, the camera can be automatically deposited and readopted during the welding programme. The unique laser camera also offers an outstanding feature of complete integration into the robot control.

For this, programming is carried out with the aid of the igm teach pendant K6 and without the assistance of an additional PC. The user benefits from the wide range of languages, European as well as Asian ones, being supported by the robot software. A live view of the measuring field is given by grey scale value image. Optionally the camera can also be mounted to a rotation device.

Numerous other specialised solutions in the sheet metal working industry can be witnessed at this mega trade show. If you belong to this sector, you can’t afford to miss out on the ample business opportunities and latest technologies that will be displayed here.

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