OPEN MIND presents upgraded CAM strategies hyperMILL® 2017.2 at Moulding Expo

Editor: Susanne Hertenberger

OPEN MIND Technologies AG will be presenting the newly released hyperMILL® 2017.2 at the Moulding Expo from 30 May to 2 June 2017 in hall 4 at booth B52. A number of new functions and upgrades to the CAD/CAM suites will allow users to program faster and with greater flexibility. Visitors tothe Moulding Expo can also learn more about the new electrode module, upgrades to 3D and 5axis machining and the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package.

Creating electrodes is easier than ever with the hyperCAD®-S electrode module
Creating electrodes is easier than ever with the hyperCAD®-S electrode module
(Source: OPEN MIND)

Electrodes for die-sinking EDM have to be designed, programmed and finally milled. This production process is usually very time-consuming. To speed up the process, OPEN MIND has developed the new hyperCAD®-S electrode module as a method that allows electrodes to be derived and programmed in just a few steps. The design process is largely automated in hyperCAD®-S. Users only have to select the faces to be eroded on the components, after which the module generates the corresponding collision-free electrodes. More specifically, this means that the electrode faces are extended and blanks and holders are derived automatically. Seamless technology and component transfers in hyperMILL® then ensure fast, reliable programming in just a few, short clicks. And, if the machining macros are already available, programming can be partially or fully automated.

New feature for T-slot, 3D and 5axis machining

A new feature for rapid detection and programming of T-slots is among the many highlights of hyperMILL® 2017.2. T-slots can be produced with maximum efficiency in just a few clicks.

The 3D-optimised roughing strategy has been expanded. The infeed strategy has been optimised for the ‘Rest material roughing’ machining mode in order to reduce machining times. Additionally, the improved infeed options allows for more efficient use of tools.


Performance package for roughing, finishing and drilling

Machining times can be significantly reduced with the roughing, finishing and drilling strategies provided with the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package.Of particular interest to mould makers, the roughing module offers solutions for high-performance cutting (HPC) with spiral and trochoidal tool movements. The use of strategies makes it possible to achieve far higher material removal rates per unit of time. At the same time, there is much less stress on tools and machines.

This type of machining features optimal milling paths, maximum material removal and the shortest possible machining times. The 5axis tangent plane machining with conical barrel cutters is an innovative method to produce hard-to-reach, steep or flat planes in a highly efficient manner. Another highlight is the optimisation potential. This process allows times to be cut by up to 90 per cent while maintaining a consistently high level of surface quality. 5axis helical drilling also promises to deliver fast machining. This cycle involves helical tilt milling with a toric tool in a helix. Only one tool is needed for different drill diameters and no pre-drilling is necessary.


SOLIDWORKS users can look forward to improved user-friendliness and new features for 5axis swarf cutting with a curve. Users make use of a simple face selection functions to create perfect faces and curves for swarf cutting based on the selected geometries.