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Hungary: What is Revolutionary in Industry 4.0?

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Is the Hungarian market already interested?

Yes, this is why it is important to have pilot projects through which we can demonstrate the advantages of Industry 4.0 in a real life environment. As a trendsetter, we have to take the role to lead a way that is presently unknown to industry. We would like to call the attention of systems integrators, who can exploit the new opportunities in the systems and equipment they build. On this year’s Hannover Fair, we demonstrated the network connected new world of hydraulics through the example of a virtual edge-bending machine. Our automation experts demonstrated how i4.0 systems can be built from the elements of hydraulics, electronics, software technology and open standards. We have to show and maybe even teach this capability to the Hungarian market. We like to be foregoers and as U.S. president Kennedy said in the early 60s about the Lunar Mission: we chose this way not because it is easy, but because it is hard. We have to make ourselves and our environment understand the opportunities lying in challenges and that accepting the present situation is not the best solution. – said István Ács in conclusion.

In frame:

25 years of the Hungarian Bosch Rexroth ltd.

Clients of Bosch Rexroth were welcomed at a grand scale two day fare and exhibition in the recently inaugurated world class Gyömrői road center on the event of the 25th birthday of the company. The company, celebrating the 25th anniversary of its foundation, welcomed industry members with interesting professional programs, roadshows and workshops. Focal topic of the event „Industry Days” was Industry 4.0. Systems integrator and trading partners of Rexroth could also introduce themselves in the workshops.

Bosch Rexroth is world leading expert in drive- and control technology that offers turnkey solutions in the fields of drive, control and materials handling under the brand name of Rexroth. The company develops, manufactures and markets elements and systems in the field of electric control and drive, industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, and linear movement- and assembly techniques in more than 80 countries globally.