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Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, Editor in Chief, MM Muszaki Magazin / Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Hungexpo Fair Center is located near the heart of Budapest. This gives place to the two largest industrial exhibitions - among others.

Impressions Industry Days 2015
Impressions Industry Days 2015
(Photo: MM Hungary)

Industry Days in May collects the actualities and synergies of industrial solutions, while Automotive Hungary in October provides introduction and networking opportunities to the background industry of the automotive business, which is regarded as the engine of Hungary’s economy – says Mr. Csaba Vörös, manager of the exhibition.


Nowadays, when all information is instantly available, do industrial fairs have a role to play?

Csaba Vörös: By all means, yes, and numbers are here to prove this as we have an increasing number of both visitors and exhibitors year-on-year. It is rejoicing that there is an ever greater interest in these symposiums of the domestic industry even from abroad.

Firstly, I am recommending Industry Days. The most comprehensive industrial exhibition will be held in Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center. The goal is to convocate and deploy almost all of the industry so that the participants can exploit the synergies among various branches of the trade.

The event provides opportunity to show a comprehensive picture about a given field and to relay the most in-depth and detailed information to experts (helping them solve their problems) as well as to showcase present trends as surveys show that visitors are most curious about novelties, innovations and market intelligence.

What will be in the focus of this year’s Industry Days?

Cs. V.: Our exhibitors in 2016 will show the opportunities provided by Industry 4.0, today’s leading technological trend, with special attention to the directions of development in automation and industrial electronics. Basis of the concept is the intelligent machines that communicate with each-other (M2M), the self programmed manufacturing processes and the extremely efficient mass production.

An other important exhibition will be held this autumn. Who are the protagonists of this?

Mrs. Krisztina Szilvási, branch manager: Hungexpo is organising a cluster of exhibitions grasping the entire spectrum of the Hungarian automotive industry in the autumn of 2016. Automotive Hungary, held this year for the fourth time, and the 25th Autótechnika showcases suppliers, players of maintenance and garage industry, as well as members of the education sphere among domestic car manufacturers. There is no exhibition of similar topic in the East-Central European region. Participants agree that such events play a special role in the development of the automotive industry. Hungexpo – together with the trade partners – is looking forward to seeing interested experts again in October 2016.

Industry Days, Hungary's greatest business event in industry

May 24.-27. 2016. Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center

AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers

October 19.-21.2016 HUNGEXPO Budapesti Vásárközpont