Event review Hungary: The most important industry meeting

Editor: Theresa Knell

The MACH-TECH and INDUSTRY DAYS joint exhibitions were held at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center Pavilion 4 on 14-17 May 2019, featuring over 550 exhibitors from 20 countries, presenting professionals with the newest industry trends, professional novelties, cost-effective industrial solutions and the latest “spread” of Industry 4.0.

Discussing complex solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.
Discussing complex solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.
(Source: iparnapjai.hu)

The event was accompanied by a high qualityseries of professional programs. In addition to presentations held by exhibitors, novelties and workshops, further additional events awaited professionals, amongst others:

  • INDUSTRY 4.0 NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM focusing on artificial intelligence and organised by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • The Budapest and Pest county Chamber of Engineers organised continued training for engineers titled “PED Course (Pressure Equipment)”
  • “Efficiency Improvement and Industry 4.0 Workshop” organised by IFKA
  • Railway Vehicle Industry Conference organised by the Hungarian Association of Welding Technology and Material Testing, as well as symposium and workshop
  • TECHTOGETHER–GTE–MACH-TECH competition for student groups participating in higher level technical education
  • Supplemental exhibition titled “Protective Net in Budapest – Safe and Healthy Environment at Home and in the Workplace”, as well as labour safety conference titled “New Solutions and New Strategies for a Safer Workplace”
  • The Embassy of Cuba as well as the Czech-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce held a Business Forum, where several manufacturing companies of the given country participated at B2B meetings
  • Robots know much more than how to weld, insert screws, and place palettes! KUKA Hungária Kft., the expert of orange robots, presented the newest generation of robotics based roller coasters. Automated and safe ride simulations with special movement combinations and the ultimate ride experience.
  • This year, TRUMPF Hungary Kft. focused on Industry 4.0 as opposed to specific sheet metal processing machines, and introduced its TruConnect Showcase application.

Focus on Industry 4.0

The event, which presented complex solutions to small, medium and large enterprises, also focused on INDUSTRY 4.0 in 2019, the key technological trend of our age. Exhibitors placed special focus on the opportunities inherent in INDUSTRY 4.0, with special attention to trends in automation and industrial electronics, intelligent machines communicating with each other (M2M), self-adjusting processes as well as highly efficient mass production.

The grand prize was awarded amongst others to:

  • AMADA ENSIS AJ 9kW high performance fiber laser machine
  • ARCLINE® Plus Pole TIG DC+ welding
  • FUJI DLFn (Dolfin) modular production equipment
  • AXILE G6 simultaneous five-axis machining centre
  • TruConnect Showcase – Smart Factory
  • Simufact Additive – metal powder additive production simulation software
  • Wiha e-srewdriver speedE

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