Guinness World Record Hungary: Professional drone developers

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, Editor in Chief, MM Muszaki Magazin / Susanne Hertenberger

Who holds the official Guinness World Record in drone flight? Let’s admit: our first guess is not a Transilvanian team of developers, and yet they are the ones!

The Guinness World Record team
The Guinness World Record team

Spider Drone Security is developing drones for several industrial and security applications. Moreover, the owner of the company, András Lénárd, has a brewery and some enterprises in green energy. If we take this all together, we have some drones working on „free” energy capable of flying a crate of beer at the doorstep. Both the world record holder and the beer carrier drone were developed in-house. In his Budapest office, we talked to the company founder and owner András Lénárd.

Your colleague Attila Bustya and his team of developers design and make industrial drones in your company center in Csíkszentsimon (Romania). What are we to understand, by that?

András Lénárd: Few people know that each application requires drones of different structure. In one case the lifting capacity, in another case the longest possible duration of flight is desired. Development has a broad spectrum and several solutions are being patented presently. There are basically two groups of drones: that of hobby and that of industrial applications. Present, over-restrictive legal regulation (drone use has to be reported to aviation administration authorities) will hopefully change soon. In case of hobby application, 10 meters of permissible flight altitude is just enough, but industrial use requires trained controllers with pilot’s licenses. In such cases, the drones cannot be seen by the naked eye. Control is a complex task, but drones facilitate the work in several fields.


What are these professional uses?

We carry on development in four key areas: area defense, disaster relief, and aerial control of high pressure pipelines and high-voltage power lines. There are tremendous opportunities in these fields. Consider how cheaper work can be done if people and vehicles do not need to be sent to these sites. Enormous personal and technical resources are needed for continuous patrolling either for a private company or the border guard. This is done much safer and easier by drones that can be remote controlled by an operator located in a control center 30-40 kilometers away. In case of an earthquake, it can take several hours for the first assessment teams to arrive. However, even a single drone can take aerial pictures of the damaged area, locate fires and survivors and provide accurate information to control the rescue operations. The maintenance of high-voltage power lines and, for example, near-surface high pressure oil pipelines is a great challenge worldwide. Drones make several operations significantly safer and cheaper in these fields as well.

Do you sell the drones or provide solutions for these applications?

We believe in services when it comes to industrial applications. If we tailor-make the full mechanism for the needs of the user, then we will be the most competent in operation and maintenance. As I mentioned earlier, every application requires different drones. Some cases need an 8-rotor device for high lifting capacity and in other cases four rotors can carry a camera, but that needs to stay airborne for nearly two hours. By the way, the Guinness world record flight time is 2 hours and 6 minutes that we set up last autumn with a drone that we made ourselves. Many have tried to break that record, but without success.

Thank you for the interview.

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