Training Center Hungary: New Mercedes-Benz Academy

Editor: Theresa Knell

An opening ceremony was held at new training center of the Mercedes-Benz plant, which had been constructed in little over a year.

The world of Mercedes-Benz is focused on humans.
The world of Mercedes-Benz is focused on humans.
(Source: Mercedes-Benz)

The 8000 square meter Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét is located within the area of the automobile plant. An area of 6000 square meters, which makes up the bulk of the building, is made up of a training hall equipped with modern tools. In addition to this, offices, training rooms, and a multifunctional area capable of hosting 120 people is available to students. Works created by the students are on display in the reception area of the training center, which, amongst others, is also host to a unique automobile constructed by them.

What offers the Mercedes-Benz Academy?

The modern training hall of the Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét will primarily be used by interns participating in dual training, where they can also work on potential project assignments. The training halls will also host internal courses, as well as administrative and assembly line training courses. Workforce recruitment and selection days, as well as the assembly line training of new employees will also be held here. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét will also play an important role in the continued training of the company’s employees.

As part of middle school training, students of the center participating in vocational courses will have the opportunity to acquire qualifications in vehicle mechatronics, toolmaking, vehicle manufacturing technology, bodywork preparation and surface treatment, as well as mechatronics maintenance—this latter supplemented by one year of continued training in automated equipment maintenance.

College training will be provided to future logistics engineers, technical managers, engineering IT experts, mechanical and vehicle engineers, while the institution will also be home to courses in finance and accounting.

Future seems bright

“One of the most modern training centers has opened its doors in Hungary, where theoretical knowledge is complemented by professional practical skills for generations of the present and of the future. This exemplary investment is another clear example of how, despite the robotics technology essential in automobile production, the world of Mercedes-Benz is focused on humans. The initial and continued training of our staff and future colleagues is of key importance for manufacturing the highest quality products”, said Christian Wolff, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. He added that the company wishes to leverage the academy to ensure the supply of experts on the long term. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét provides a job opportunity to most of its graduates and students who wish to work at the plant.

8000 square meter Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét
8000 square meter Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét
(Source: Mercedes-Benz)

The Kecskemét plant plays a pioneering role in the domestic introduction of dual training: the success of the program which has been in operation since 2011 is also indicated by the fact that the number of applicants for both dual vocational training and dual college training exceeds the number of training spots. The training offer of the program is continuously expanded. While vocational training was launched for three vocations in 2011 and six specializations as of the academic year 2018, the dual college training launched for the first time in our country has been extended to 5 majors. During the academic year of 2018, a total of 188 vocational students have started their studies as part of the dual training of Mercedes-Benz, while the number of new college students amounted to 62. Within the framework of the dual training program, the company works in close cooperation with the John von Neumann University in Kecskemét as well as several vocational schools: the Kálmán Kandó Middle School and Vocational School, the András Gáspár Middle School and Vocational School, as well as the St. Benedict Middle School and Vocational School.

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