The Labour Market Hungary: Mach-Tech and Industry Days

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, Editor in Chief, MM Muszaki Magazin / Susanne Hertenberger

Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center 9-12. May, 2017. Global brands, market leaders, small- and medium enterprises, companies active in several fields of industry all in one place and at one time in Budapest Fair Center.

Industry Days and Mach-Tech in Budapest, 9-12th May
Industry Days and Mach-Tech in Budapest, 9-12th May

Hungary’s comprehensive industrial parade will take place in May 2017 with full house. Almost all branches of industry will be represented in one place and at one time. Exhibitors as well as visitors will be given first-hand information about the trends of the trade and will be able to exploit the synergies among the branches of industry.

The largest, pavilion A of the Fair Center has been fully occupied, but in pavilion G, through which visitors will enter, vacant posts are still available. More than 350 exhibitors from 14 countries have already reserved their posts, occupying the several thousand square meters’ free space offered by the pavilions.

On the basis of the present list of exhibitors, interested experts will certainly be able to meet the representatives, products and offers of ABB, BALLUFF, BARTEC BECK&POLITZER, BLM-GROUP, CHETRA, DMG MORI, ENDRICH, EPL-TECH, GRANTOOL, GRUBER, HAHN&KOLB, HELVET, HOFFMANN, KUKA, MAZAK, MITSUBISHI, NCT, PH HORN, REINSHAW, SIEMENS, TRUMPF and WEDCO, among others.

Trade partner of the exhibitions, the German-Hungarian Industrial- and Trade Chamber, organizes national collective representation.

Novelties in 2017

Taking into consideration the interests and demand of the exhibitors, as well as international trends, organizers plan to introduce novelties to serve the more successful participation as well as comfort of the exhibitors and partners:

New layout of pavilions – location of the individual themes will be more concentrated in the interest of greater transparency and closer industrial synergies. This will help visitors reach all exhibitors within the given industry branch.

Different visitor entry protocol – goal of the organizers is to help visitors see the whole exhibition, as much as possible. For this reason, visitors will enter the event through pavilion F and will be able to walk through the entire area of the fair through pavilion G.

Industry 4.0 – a topic still in the spotlight

Industry 4.0, a trend of peak importance of the technology of today, will be a topic in focus of the event of 2017, which offers complex solutions for SMEs as well as the biggest companies.

Exhibitors will be able to showcase capabilities offered by industry 4.0, especially the development trend sin automation and industrial electronics, smart machines that communicate with each-other (M2M), self adjusting manufacturing processes and the extraordinarily effective mass production.

Conferences, Application Zone – practical demonstration

Apart from the broad spectrum of the exhibitors’ offers, several programs will wait for the experts interested. Iscar organizes customers’ meetup for the time of the fair, MHtE, the Hungarian Association of Welding Technology and Material Testing, calls visitors to the public conference of the evaluation of International Welding Projects as well as welding competition. EMOSZ, the National Alliance of Private Entrepreneurs in the Electric Industry, will hold a series of lectures concerning the CE-marking of various machines. Suppliers’ forum will be held this year as well with the collaboration of MAJOSZ, the Association of Hungarian Automotive Component Manufacturers. We will have a glimpse of the work of students in the technical higher education within the framework of GTE-Autopro Techtogether. On the second day of the fair, colleagues of IFKA, the Hungarian Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of Industry, will answer visitors’ questions in the topics of SME development, industry 4.0, quickly developing enterprises (gazelles), workforce development, green economy and logistics. Interested visitors will be awaited by a HR conference not only for HR managers concerning health and safety, fluctuation handling an best practices of the biggest companies as well as a practical show of Application Zone.