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Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, editor-in-chief, MM Műszaki Magazin / Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Audi Hungaria has laid a great emphasis on developing efficient logistics systems since its foundation. We are introducing the the most recent developments in logistics.

Innovative and efficient logistic solutions help optimize the complex procedures of manufacturing and shorten production time.
Innovative and efficient logistic solutions help optimize the complex procedures of manufacturing and shorten production time.
(Photo: Audi Hungary)

Innovative and efficient logistic solutions help optimize the complex procedures of manufacturing and shorten production time. This is indeed necessary, as logistic procedures are complex in the floor of over 160 000 square meters. The factory has 888 suppliers. About 30 trucks and another 30 rail carriages ensure the daily supply of parts and 32 rail carriages leave the factory with the finished cars on six days of the week.


Telematik system

The so-called Telematik System has been introduced to help communication with the truck drivers. This makes the control and tracking of trucks possible within the logistics procedures of the factory – thus reducing throughput time. An RFID supported visualisation system at the stops of trucks and vans helps adherence to cycle times and tracing of cargo vehicles. Tracking supplies is done online starting from the arrival of the given parts. RF scanners are available for the workers at the areas of engine logistics to relay information in real time.

Products Basket

A so called Products Basket suppy concept supports the procedures of engines production of the world’s largest engine factory in the V8/V10 engines assembly workshop. Parts of one particular engine are placed in the basket, following which the basket travels together with the palette to the assenbly line. Inventories at the assembly line can so be minimized, production time reduced, and the ergonomics further improved. In the special warehouse, a new cargo-lift system aides the handling of the 1700 parts necessary for the production of prototype- and under development engines. Shopfloor need has been reduced by 130 square meters and commissioning has been sped up threefold thanks to the Products Basket concept. Procedures security has improved thanks to the laser pointer system as well as online visualisation.

Automated bodies storage

Smart solutions have been introduced not only in engines, but also in vehicles logistics to optimise procedures. Production control ensures continuous and balanced operation of the bodies workshop, the paintshop and the assembly workshop. Colleagues working here observe the factors affecting production and intervene if necessary. One of the devices in the service of efficient and stable production is the fully automated high storage for the bodies. The storage makes possible the simultaneous storage of 500 bodies which are available for production in any sequence. A harmonised and stable chain of complex logistics procedures is necessary to ensure that the right parts arrive at the assembly line at the right time.

One of the most important elements of this chain is commissioning, which means the controlled vehicle-specific collection of parts. This is supported by a modern Pick-by-Voice system, which solution can be regarded as the precursor of paperless automotive industry.

Beside these innovative solutions, Audi Hungaria sets a new standard in energy demand: the Logistics Center operates in a climate neutral fashion, as it utilises 8000 MW of geothermal energy annually, beginning from december 2015.

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