Laser center Hungary: Laser center in Szeged

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, editor in chief / Franziska Breunig

The premises of ELI-ALPS, a laser research facility in Szeged, has been opened recently. Basic and applied research is being done in the Szeged laser research centre, touching mainly fields of physics, biology, chemistry, medicine and material science.

The laser research facility ELI-ALPS in Szeged
The laser research facility ELI-ALPS in Szeged

ELI is the first civil research institution based on high power lasers that has been set up with European collaboration and the participation of the international scientific community. The three laser research centres have been instituted simultaneously by coordination and consolidated research strategy of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania. ELI is the world’s first such plant that makes possible the scrutiny of the interaction of light and substance beside intensities greater than ever before. This opens new paths to physics and may lay the fundaments of such new technical developments as relativistic microelectronics and compact (table size) laser particle accelerators. ELI has significant effect on numerous areas of material science, medicine and environmental protection.

Primary mission of the Szeged based ELI-ALPS facility is to make accessible a broad range of ultra-short impulse light sources – especially coherent extreme ultra-violet (XUV) and X-ray radiation as well as attosecond impulses – for various groups of the international scientific community. Other main element of the mission of the plant is the promotion of scientific and technological development of high peak intensity and high average power lasers.

ELI-ALPS facility provides laser sources, and the unique combination of the secondary light- and particle impulses generated by them, for users coming from fields of scientific research as well as industrial applications.

The premises provides space not only for the laser equipment, secondary ray sources, target- and experiment areas, laser preparation and other special laboratories as well as electric, mechanical and optical workshops, but also for about 150 researchers and administrative personnel. By the design of the buildings housing research equipment that represents cutting-edge technology special technical conditions have to be met, mainly in the fields of vibration protection, thermal stability, relative humidity, clean rooms and radiation protection. After inauguration, CEO of ELI-HU Nonprofit ltd., Lóránt Lehrner, emphasised: “It is our pleasure that we will be able to make the soon available infrastructure of ELI-ALPS accessible to the domestic as well as international scientific community. The basic and applied researches doable with extra high time resolution at the Szeged laser research facility will affect mainly the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and material science.”

ELI-ALPS at the Laser World of Photonics

Colleagues of ELI-ALPS participated at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich, where they appeared as an exhibitor together with the other two pillars of ELI. The international event organised every second year offered a perfect opportunity for the introduction of the Szeged laser research facility, as well as networking with potential suppliers as well as users.

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