E-Mobility Hungary: Intelligent rechargeable battery for vehicles

Editor: Theresa Knell

The intelligent rechargeable battery system called Smart Power Pack, developed by domestic owned Enterprise Group, made its debut at the Budapest Boat Show 2019.

Breakthrough in boot technology.
Breakthrough in boot technology.
(Source: www.smartpowerpack.eu)

This innovation had been developed for the newest generation of completely electric boats from the moment of its inception. In addition to extraordinary performance and range, this package is made special by its integrative design, special convenience features, and the unique user interface, opening up new perspectives for the producers of electric vehicles. This system, which has been awarded a prize for watercraft related products and services, is also expecting a high level of interest on the international market.

About the battery

The Smart Power Pack is a lithium battery based technology which offers a complex solution in an integrated module, which encompasses all electronic components required for energy storage and safe use. The units were designed to offer building block based connectivity. As a result, they can be used to build a unique purpose optimized battery, or a more complex system when more blocks are interconnected.

(Source: www.smartpowerpack.eu)

The strict regulations related to electric boats have been in the forefront of design of the Smart Power Pack from the inception stage. During cooperation with the designer of the boat, producers can also customize the shape and size of the battery boy, as well as the location of parts within to be installed depending on the needs of the given boat.

“Our aim was to develop a system which provides the integration of the electric drive chain for shipbuilders using the simplest method possible, so that they can receive the newest lithium technology in an integrated unit, custom made for their boat, as part of a turnkey solution. I feel that just like the complex automobile solution offered by Tesla, the Smart Power Pack may also open up new future perspectives for watercraft”, said Előd Orbán, managing director of Enterprise Group.

The Smart Power Pack was also on display in the electric boat developed together with the Flaar Performance Sailing team in the form of a compelling cutaway boat model at the Budapest Boat Show exhibition, where it was displayed alongside an integrated instrument panel solution specially designed for electric watercraft.

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