Hungarian Engineers Hungary: Engineers would like to develop self-driven cars

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, Editor in Chief, MM Muszaki Magazin / Franziska Breunig

The job-market situation of the Hungarian engineers has been examined recently, and it was found that the Hungarian engineers are extremely ambitious and professionally committed. Most of them choose a workplace on the basis of where most professional challenge and exciting tasks are offered to them.


Many would go abroad, but only for a limited period. Most popular destination is Germany. As far as the job market is concerned, thanks to the innovation procedures in the engineering field, electrical- and IT-engineers are in an ever stronger position, for whom the best companies fight. However, there is much to develop in academia, as tuition is not practice-oriented enough, although this is balanced out by the preparedness and knowledge of the professors. The requirements and opportunities of the Hungarian engineers stood in the focus of the most recent survey of Jobsgarden, an HR-consultant and recruiting agency.

The research showed ambiguous results regarding the quality of academic tuition. About half of the respondents hold the preparedness of the professors the greatest strength of the universities. On the other hand, three-quarters of those questioned think that tuition is not focused enough on practice. According to Éva Paulovics, CEO of Jobsgarden, this is compensated by the fact that, due to the collaboration of universities and various companies, the most prepared students find the opportunities offering significant professional experience. The inconsistency of the situation and its appreciation is well signaled by the proportions of general opinion: 53 per cent of those questioned think that the standard of the Hungarian engineers’ education is only mediocre, 35 per cent thought the quality of education is high, but according to the remaining 12 per cent, the standard of academic tuition is low.

Workplace opportunities

There is no problem with job opportunities, however. 85 per cent of those participating in the survey found a job within three months. It is more about the fact that our engineers can choose from several offers of the market players. As far as job search or change, not the wages are the most important at all.

According to experts, it is worth mentioning that the engineering profession as such is currently undergoing a significant innovation procedure. On the basis of job interviews as well as the practice of recruitment, companies see that most of the engineers search for the great technological challenges of the present and the research that will shape the future. With a bit of exaggeration, everybody wants to develop electric cars, or if this is not an option, would like to take part in such projects, which are about the future and the technological solutions of tomorrow. Most of them have chance to do this, as the engineering arena is ever more dominated by digitalization and intelligent systems. Engineering developments are shifting towards electronics and digital fields, due to which electrical and IT-engineers will be valued higher.

It is in relation with the above that, according to their experience, job seekers seem to prefer large companies, as opportunities are limited after a time at smaller firms. A large, multinational company, however, can provide them more in the field of career development. Among the engineers, about three quarters of the respondents regard large companies as more attractive employers, as opposed to smaller firms.

The research wanted to reveal how much time the Hungarian engineers spent abroad through the course of their careers and why they returned home. According to their encounters, many search for challenges abroad, but only on a project basis, on the short run. Forty per cent of those questioned had the opportunity to work abroad. Majority of them, 91 per cent, spent less than five years abroad. As the reason for their return, motives of their private lives were mentioned most often. The most attractive target country, according to more than a quarter of the respondents, is Germany, this is followed by the USA with 13 per cent and Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Great Britain with proportions lower than ten per cent. The majority is thinking about a few close end contracts and would return home after completion.

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