E-Mobility Hungary: E-cars, we would produce them

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros / Theresa Knell

The automotive industry is facing major changes, and is thereby transforming the supply industry as well. The question arises, how the Hungarian background industry can face the new demands, regarding mainly the electric propulsion systems. That is why we awaited with great interest this year’s Automotive Industry exhibition, held between 16-18th October at Hungexpo Budapest, to see how participants would answer the questions about the production of electric cars.

(Source: Nissan)

The past weeks also provided some surprises, for example the news, that a factory, producing electric cars will be built in the city of Komárom, producing 12 thousand cars, as early as 2020. They plan to revive an electric car by the French company Mia, whose first generation was produced from 2011, but sold only 1300 cars. Two years later, the company was closed down and bought by the French state. Finally, the rights to control the company was acquired by Fox Automotive, registered in Switzerland.

A good sign is, that this summer saw the start of the electric motor mass production in the Audi factory in Győr. Furthermore, factories producing battery packs for electric cars have been and are being built in Göd by Samsung SDI, in Komárom by SK Innovation and in Miskolc by GS Yusana. Their combined production and assembly capacity will be significant even on the European stage.

While chassis elements, suspension and other systems might barely change in the future - weight reduction and improved security might be the main goal -, conventional gearboxes are not present in electric cars and the parts needed for the production of electric motors are also much different, and simpler in structure compared to the conventional combustion engines.

Change is present among car companies, but until worldwide sales of electric cars rise significantly, the background industry, though prepared, but awaits.

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