Electric vehicles Hungary: Beginning of a new era at Audi

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, editor in chief / Franziska Breunig

Audi Hungaria is preparing for the newest age of the history of the company: the serial production of e-motors will start in Győr in 2018 – as announced to press. The first pieces of production machinery have already been integrated into the manufacturing process.

Audi Hungaria
Audi Hungaria
(Source: www.audi.hu)

“Audi will have three types of electric cars running on the roads by 2020. We are proud that we contribute in a large extent to the manufacturing of these models by our e-motors.”- says Achim Heinfling, chairperson of the board of Audi Hungaria. He also added that a brand new field of competence is being developed by the production of e-motors, ensuring the competitiveness of the company on the long run.

The first e-motors will be manufactured in a hall of 8500 sq meters at Audi Hungaria, to where the first pieces of manufacturing equipment, robots as well as screwing- and metering stations, will be deployed. Modular manufacturing, a brand new manufacturing concept will be applied here for the first time. Engines will be made on “manufacturing islands”, in line with modularity principle, this way substituting the production line. Although the manufacturing sequence is pre-defined, modular manufacturing makes possible several routes and greater flexibility. Thanks to this, greater production volume as well as the introduction of new product variants will be possible without adversely affecting the production procedure in progress. Parts are moved by autonomous conveying systems between the manufacturing stations. The driverless trolleys take their bearings in the production hall with the help of laser scanners and the application of new algorithms.

The company mentioned in its press release that their employees have participated in several trainings. They have familiarised themselves with the technology of e-motors in the E-competence centre and have become practical experts of e-motor manufacturing.

Apart from preparing for serial production, Audi Hungaria has set up three new testing beds in the area of technological development, especially for the e-motors to ensure their quality on the long run. Efficient metering equipment makes testing of e-motors possible even under permanent load.

Important elements of the testing tools are the high performance climatic chambers used for testing in lifelike environment. These make possible the testing of materials aging under various climatic and mechanical circumstances. Temperature range spreads from -40 to +160 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity can be adjusted to as high as 98 per cent.

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