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HRSflow’s new SA-series of hot runner nozzles

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HRSflow's new SA series hot runner nozzles enable very small nozzle cut-out for the production of molded parts with weights of less than 1 gram.
HRSflow's new SA series hot runner nozzles enable very small nozzle cut-out for the production of molded parts with weights of less than 1 gram. (Source: HRSflow)

HRSflow was one of the many exhibitors to display their specialised solutions at Moulding Expo 2019 for the global tool and mould making industry. The new SA-series of hot runner nozzles was one of the firm’s main highlights at the show.

The Italian hot runner technology company, HRSflow recently exhibited at Moulding Expo, the international trade fair for tool, pattern and mould making in Stuttgart, Germany. The four day event attracted significant footfalls from diverse sectors present within Europe and outside. At the show, HRSflow showcased many innovative technologies but its show stopper product was the new SA-series of hot runner nozzles.

New SA-series of hot runner nozzles

Suitable for processing techno-polymers, it is the preferred solution for technical applications with reduced weight (> 0.5 g) and thickness for all future challenges. In other words, the solution proves beneficial for injection moulding of small technical components and is also capable of carrying out minute nozzle cut-outs for producing moulded parts that weight less than a gram. With the new series of hot runner nozzles, the company has successfully launched a smaller size of nozzles than the existing P-series size of nozzles. The new series’ compact design also enables a compact cut-out in the tool and is ideal for the automotive industry, houseware, environmental applications, technical components and logistics sector.

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The relatively large melt channel diameter allows the processing of highly reinforced or highly viscous plastics at high flow rates. The nozzle screwed on the manifold guarantees the seal at high injection pressure without mould machining accuracy.

Other solutions exhibited at Moulding Expo 2019

In addition to this, HRSflow also exhibited numerous other product lines such as its cylinder range which comprised the new compact hydraulic cylinder including the Damped and the Adjustable version; the HRScool, a solution for cylinders by which one does not require water lines; and a new family mould door trim for car interiors equipped with the Flexflow technology in which the precise control of the melt flow of each individual hot-runner nozzle allows for a balanced filling of all cavities preventing unaesthetic sink marks as well as flashes on the moulded parts.

The firm also demonstrated the production process of creating technical content parts with high-end technologies (CFRTP) such as the servo driven Flexflow valve gate system. Suitable for structural and aesthetical parts, this technology enables one to obtain lighter, perfectly balanced applications with carbon fiber thermoplastic composite.

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With such a wide range of solutions, HRSflow made heads turn at Moulding Expo which was recently held in Stuttgart, Germany from May 21 – 24, 2019. The company’s booth witnessed many visitors and the firm also gained access to many potential leads for their future business.

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