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With its latest valves and servo motors as well as linear motors in the market, the company intends to line up many more new innovations in the future.

Servo and linear motors by Bosch Rexroth ensure higher productivity.
Servo and linear motors by Bosch Rexroth ensure higher productivity.
(Source: Bosch Rexroth)

Bosch Rexroth is known for its drive and control technologies. The organization is all set to exhibit at Automatica, one of the leading trade fairs for smart automation and robotics that is scheduled to be held from June 19–22, 2018 in Munich, Germany. The company will be showcasing a diverse range of innovative products in line with the theme of the event. Some of its latest technologies include the WRC-4X valves along with servo and linear motors.

WRC-4X valves

The WRC-4X valves feature a multi-Ethernet interface and OPC UA for Drives that can be integrated into networked environments even with an analog setpoint definition. The valves can be integrated into networked environments and are able to meet high dynamics and flow requirements that were not possible earlier. The WRC-4X valves can be networked via open interfaces with higher-level control units and Industry 4.0 environments with the assistance of integrated electronics (OBE). The new valves can be used for presses, die casting, and injection molding machines and can be operated via digital and analog control.

Significantly higher flows can be achieved by valves of different sizes due to the company’s optimized channel geometries. This means that the valves achieve higher values that would only have been possible by installing the next big size. Hence, industry players can now attain greater performance with a smaller size.

Servo and linear motors

In November 2017, Bosch Rexroth introduced the high-torque synchronous servo motor MS2N with an integrated SafeMotion encoder from the SIL3 PLe category. This ensures that there is no requirement for any other safety components in the system. These servo motors are highly-dynamic, precise and easy to configure. Also, the motor model in the IndraSize engineering tool assures quick, safe and simple drive configurations that correspond exactly to real operation.

The company has also launched MS2E, another version of the prior servo motor for ambiences with explosive gases and dust. With ATEX conformity to device group II, category 3G/3D, applications in zones 2 and 22 can now also benefit from the efficient single-cable connection.

Bosch Rexroth has also come with the new self-cooled, iron-core linear motors called ML3. With fewer components, this highly dynamic series provides the highest force density along with the lowest cogging force. This makes them an attractive alternative to classic ball screws with servo motors. The ML3 linear motor enables players to achieve high productivity across a range of applications.

Market update

Recently, the company has further strengthened and expanded its position in the African industrial technology segment by acquiring all the shares of Hytec Holdings. The acquired company is one of the leading companies in sub-Saharan Africa that specialises in the marketing of hydraulic and automation solutions. The deal took place in the background of growing demand for drive and control solutions for industrial as well as mobile machinery in the region.

With so many innovations in the field, the company is strongly surging ahead!

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