Event review Hannover Messe 2019: A smashing hit!

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

Hannover Messe once again proved to be the talk of the world by showcasing some exceptional futuristic solutions and hosting numerous expert sessions and conferences for industry players. Let’s rewind...

Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany at Hannover Messe 2019.
Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany at Hannover Messe 2019.
(Source: Deutsche Messe)

Hannover Messe 2019 concluded on a high note with around 6,500 companies from 75 different countries showcasing their respective new innovations and technologies at the world’s biggest trade show for industrial technology. Under the lead theme ‘Integrated Industry –Industrial Intelligence’, next-gen subjects such as Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, 5G, smart energy and lightweight construction were highlighted at the mega event.

Opening Ceremony

Hannover Messe’s opening ceremony is always a grand affair and this year was no exception. High profile dignitaries including Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and H.E. Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden were the chief guests at the trade fair. Addressing the industry, Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany said, “Hannover Messe is the world’s leading trade fair for the industry and it is also a trade fair at which majority of the exhibitors come from abroad. It is here that it is evident how networked the German industry is – it’s at international standards.”

H.E. Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden also opined, “The close co-operation between employers, employees and the society is a must to keep up with development. It is this close co-operation and dialogues that forms the basis of the Swedish model and the Swedish prosperity. It is this co-operation that has made the Swedish industry so innovative and dynamic which we are here to show you.” Post the ceremony, the show was thrown open to industry players.

Sweden – Partner Country

Sweden was the Partner Country for Hannover Messe 2019 and about 160 Swedish companies presented their futuristic ideas and concepts at the event. Collaboration and team work was the focus of Sweden’s presence in Hannover 2019. Around 40 highly relevant Swedish start-ups and scale-ups presented their collaboration model i.e. government, academia and business under the common theme of ‘Sweden Co-Lab’.

The Sweden Co-Lab Pavilion acted as a platform for industry players to interact with Sweden´s futuristic companies and gain innovative insights on the industry. The pavilion also hosted a series of interesting seminars and panel discussions on how Sweden was incorporating innovation, digitalisation, sustainability and openness throughout the entire value chain.

Stunning Technologies on Display

Hannover Messe witnessed a wide range of next-gen technologies from diverse core sectors such as Integrated Automation, Motion and Drives; Digital Factory; Integrated Energy; Industrial Supply; ComVac and Research & Technology. A few of these innovations have been mentioned below:

Schunk’s Co-act EGL-C Long-Stroke Gripper

Schunk displayed the Co-act EGL-C long-stroke gripper at Hannover Messe 2019. The unique gripper handles workpiece weights of up to 2.25 kg and can achieve high gripping forces up to 450 N and combine them with a long stroke of 42.5 mm per finger.

Considered as the world’s first long-stroke gripper for collaborative operation, the gripper proves beneficial for the automotive, automotive related-supply industry and other industrial applications. With this innovation, ‘Plug & Work’ also becomes convenient. The smart gripper can also be controlled and adjusted via Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP or TCP/IP.

Siemens’ Future Distribution Substation

The Future Distribution Substation fromSiemens is equipped with an integrated IoT connection. The substation is capable of preparing the distribution grid for the challenges of the transition to a new energy mix. The innovative solution focuses on digitalisation, decarbonisation, and decentralisation and represents a future-viable power distribution.

The company explains that medium- and low-voltage power grids need to handle changes due to the increasing integration of distributed infeed of renewable energy and growing electromobility in private transportation. While more and more of the necessary connection capacity can be provided through grid expansion, the effects of changing energy flow direction, load fluctuations, and voltage range compliance can only be managed with intelligent solutions.

ABB’s New Compact wallbox

In terms of e-mobility solutions, ABB’s new compact 24kW DC wallbox is capable of providing fast-charging infrastructure directly to EV users. The new DC fast charger delivers 24 kW power directly to the vehicle’s battery and offers a faster charging time than the typical on-board converter rated at 6 kW. It is available with single or twin outlets, supporting both CCS and CHAdeMO standards.

Equipped with a seven-inch full-colour, daylight readable touchscreen display, the wallbox includes key functions such as starting and stopping of charge sessions, progress indication during charging, tariff information, help menus, language selection, and PIN code access. With an output range of up to 920V DC, it is fully future-proofed to handle the next generation of high-voltage electric vehicles. The wallbox can be installed at offices, dealerships and public parking places.

Hermes Award

The Hermes Award is one of the most awaited moments at Hannover Messe and this year, the young German-start-up firm NanoWired bagged the prestigious award for its innovative ‘KlettWelding’ solution. The KlettWelding system makes it possible to easily assemble and connect electronic components at room temperature. It is an ingenious process which is fast and eco-friendly and also produces permanent connections. The solution can be used for numerous applications such as sensors, semiconductors, automotive systems and consumer goods. It is also capable of changing production processes from soldering to simply pressing components together at room temperature.

The many inspiring and jaw-dropping solutions showcased at Hannover Messe transformed the way one perceives the industry and its functions. Looks like the grand show gave all of us an insight into the factories of the future.

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