Product highlights Hainbuch’s new vario flex pneumatic workpiece ejector

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The workpiece is the latest addition to the company’s existing product line. One of the most striking features of this product is its automatic ejection from the chuck.

Cost efficient and small in size, the pneumatic workpiece ejector automatically ejects the workpiece from the chuck.
Cost efficient and small in size, the pneumatic workpiece ejector automatically ejects the workpiece from the chuck.
(Source: Hainbuch)

Hainbuch is known for providing workholding technologies for a range of diverse industries such as tool and mould making, automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical, and so on. Specialised in modular systems, chucks, mandrels, etc. the company caters to a global audience and in the coming months, the firm will be showcasing its latest products and solutions at the international exhibition of metal working – AMB. The five-day global trade fair which is scheduled to be held in Germany is expected to attract major industry leaders from numerous countries.

Hainbuch’s vario flex pneumatic workpiece ejector

The German-based company will be exhibiting its new product – the vario flex pneumatic workpiece ejector at the exhibition. The fresh innovation is an addition to the previous vario part and vario quick end-stop systems. Cost efficient and small in size, the pneumatic workpiece ejector automatically ejects the workpiece from the chuck.

With the assistance of a clever retaining mechanism in the workpiece, the depth of the ejector can be adjusted flexibly which enables greater productivity, increased process security and shorter cycle times.

The vario flex workpiece ejector can also be used as a basic end stop for coolant wash or air flush. To do this the pneumatic spring is removed and a feed tube is attached. The optional workpiece-specific end stop with holes for the wash and air flush can then be mounted directly on this flexible interface.

Hexagonal mandrel – MAXXOS T211

Hainbuch will also be displaying the hexagonal mandrel – MAXXOS T211. The unique shape of the mandrel ensures greater performance and process reliability for the end user. The cutting performance is also improved due to the segmented clamping bushing with hexagon inside shape which fits perfectly onto the clamping pyramid. The lubrication, combined with its tightness ensures a very constant production flow and as a result, achieves maximum reliability.

The hexagonal design does not allow the surface to accumulate dust even during the clamping process. With a clamping diameter rage of 18-100 mm, MAXXOS T211 offers up to 155 per cent more transmissible torque and up to 57 per cent higher bending stiffness compared to the classic Mando T211 mandrel. This enables to improve the yield of finished parts. Users that require maximum torque transmission and process reliability will be impressed with the hexagonal mandrel.

Workholding technologies play an eminent role in machining processes and industry players are always on the lookout for products and solutions that enhance their processes in the form of increased production, improvement in efficiency and reduction of costs. Hainbuch is one such market player that has been successful in meeting the requirements of its customers via its recent products.

So, do visit the show to witness the numerous benefits of these technologies along with many others at Stuttgart in Germany!

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