Clamping technologies Haimer’s new innovations

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Lina Klass

Keeping the industry requirements in mind, Haimer has launched shrink fit collets and interesting technologies in the market.

Haimer’s shrink fit collets and Duo-Lock collets can also be used for turning machines.
Haimer’s shrink fit collets and Duo-Lock collets can also be used for turning machines.
(Source: Haimer)

Headquartered in Germany, Haimer develops and produces innovative ultra-precision tooling and machines, primarily in the machine tools sector. Recently, the company has introduced many interesting solutions for the industry such as tool clamping solutions for turning and rotary transfer machines.

Shrink fit collets

Haimer’s ER 16 and ER 25 shrink fit collets can be used with standard ER tool holders and are compatible with all common ER clamping nuts. Due to their closed shape the shrink fit collets are sealed and prevent the clamping cones from getting dirty. Contrary to conventional collets, the shrink fit collets provide outstanding radial run out accuracy and make the tool changing process quick and easy. That way, interfering vibrations are reduced which in turn has a positive impact on the surface quality and the tool life. The shrink fit collets can also be used with driven tool holders and exhibit high rigidity as well as precision. The optional Cool Jet slots guarantee that the coolant reaches the cutting edge 100 per cent.

Collets with Duo-Lock technology

Adding to this, the company has also come up with collets that are equipped with the Duo-Lock technology, a Haimer patented modular interface for cutting tool heads. Duo-Lock provides maximum stability and load capacity through a proprietary thread design with a double cone contact. The new Duo-Lock collets can also be used within the tool turret of a turning machine. Due to the high system and length repeatability the Duo-Lock cutting tool heads can even be changed within the machine. With their monoblock design the collets offer more stability and the best runout accuracy.