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Hacking data or even electric cars has become so common now. It is in this scenario that there is an urgent need for people to become aware of the risks involved and also undertake measures to protect their assets. SPS IPC Drives 2018 highlights this space by discussing various issues related to cyber security.

Cybercrime will continue to be the largest threat to the automotive industry.
Cybercrime will continue to be the largest threat to the automotive industry.
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Cybercrimes are on the rise and are only getting stronger with time. Now, they are even making headlines. For instance, most recently, Facebook’s data security breach exposed the accounts of almost 50 million user accounts. Even last year, one of the most talked about cybercrimes was the penetration into the US-based consumer credit reporting agency, Equifax which bared the personal details of 145 million people. The dangers of cybercrime are well known in today’s world and organisations are continuously working to safeguard their data from potential threats.

Hacking in automobiles too!

But what about the hard core industrial sectors? Are they also a victim of this crime? According to the Blum Shapiro Cyber Security Team at Blum Shapiro Consulting, some of the most ‘cyber-attacked’ industries include manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, transportation and government. This can be a shocker for some and if we only single out the manufacturing industry which includes diverse segments such as automotive, electronic, textile and pharmaceutical companies, we realise that all these vital sectors are in a high risk zone. Another PWC study titled ‘2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud’ determined that cybercrime will continue to be the largest threat to the automotive industry.

With the transition towards fully autonomous vehicles, the significance of cyber security has become even more important. One classic case that can be highlighted here is Tesla’s Model X electric car. A Chinese security firm hacked the Model X due to which they could remotely take control of the vehicle’s brakes, open the trunk and the doors, and also take control of the radio. The security firm brought this to the notice of Tesla and they fixed the problem.

Understand ‘cyber security’ at SPS IPC Drives 2018

Hence, with all these real life incidents, it has become extremely important for industry players to be aware of the different solutions and technologies in the cyber security space which they can use to secure their present as well as future production. But where should one to find all the answers? The answer is – SPS IPC Drives, the smart and digital automation trade show. Expected to begin from November 27, 2018 the three day event will attract global automation players to the city of Nuremberg in Germany.

Here numerous vendors will address the issue of ‘Cyber security’ and will also explain through live demonstrations how companies can defend their firms or products from hackers. Apart from this, the show will also exhibit leading IT companies which will highlight industrial communication topics such as OPC UA and TSN. Other interesting new age subjects including industrial web services, virtual product development and design, digital business platforms, IT/OT technologies, fog/edge and cloud computing, etc will also be discussed at the venue.

Make sure you attend this show to make your products and firms are cyber secure!

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