Covestro/UN Global: 12 young champions of the earth

Editor: Briggette Jaya

The finalists for the final round of the “Young Champions of the Earth” has just been announced. Comprising 12 young talents in this leg, the competition aims to identify, support and celebrate outstanding individuals aged 18-30.

12 finalists have been selected from over 600 applications.
12 finalists have been selected from over 600 applications.
(Source: Pixabay)

“Young Champions of the Earth”, an initiative launched for the first time by the UN Environment Programme and sponsored by leading global polymer company Covestro, awards the youth with colossal ideas to protect or rehabilitate our environment.

The organisers proudly announce the finalists as: Brighton Kaoma and Mariama Mamane (Africa); Ankit Agarwal and Eritai Kateibwi (Asia & the Pacific); Coline Billon and Adam Dixon (Europe); Liliana Jaramillo Pazmiño and Eddy Frank Vásquez (Latin America & the Caribbean); Kaya Dorey and Mark Paullin (North America); Omer Badokhon and Nareman Zahdeh (West Asia).

The 12 proposals from the finalists offer innovative solutions to the environmental challenges we all face today. They include ingenious and creative ideas on managing invasive alien species and greening roofs to enhance urban biodiversity through to carbon accounting in schools to sensitise the youth. Shortlisted from over 600 applications, 30 were initially selected that were then downsized to 12 by a subsequent online public voting.

Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment praised the world finalists: “Young people may have inherited an array of environmental problems, but they are not sitting idly in the face of catastrophe.”

“The standard of entries in this first year has far surpassed my expectations,” said Patrick Thomas, CEO of Covestro.

In November this year, six winners will be selected by a global jury and made public. The super six will be invited to the award ceremony at the United Nations Environment Assembly on 5 December 2017, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya. Each Young Champion will then receive $US 15,000 in seed funding, expert mentoring, needs-based training and access to powerful networks. The winners will share their implementation journeys through a series of videos and blogs over the course of a year.

This article was first published on ETMM-online.