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Germany: The Century of E-Commerce

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Mr. Schränkler, SAP has brought together several partners at its booth. So you want to present applications. Who are your joint exhibitors?

SAP is presenting itself in a large booth. Visitors can of course obtain information straight from SAP logistics experts. Six very competent partners from the fields of intralogistics and transport management are there supporting us with independent stations in our exhibition area. The following partners are involved: Abat, Itelligence, Logventus, Prismat, T-Systems and Viastore.

Your theme, Mr. Schränkler, is of course improved networking of logistics using integrated process automation. How can one picture this in concrete terms, which building blocks are being introduced to which fields?

The integration of the logistics processes into the other operative and financial paths within the firm has always been one of SAP’s strengths. But today’s approach to networking goes even further, since all actors and devices are being integrated into the logistics process. Examples of this are the linking and control of completely automatic warehousing systems, the support of pickers by smart glasses, and networking of lorry data in real-time. SAP solutions which can help firms to make progress here are SAP Extended Warehouse Management for intralogistics, SAP Event Management for Track & Trace in real-time, and SAP S/4HANA as the backbone for the digital core. In addition, diverse solutions are available to take over further tasks as required, such as SAP Global Trade Service for foreign trade flows.

To take the key-phrase “paradigm change in logistics”, Mr. Baranowski: is the Cemat successful in improving visitors’ awareness of this? What can you, as a new member of the Cemat board, contribute here?

Baranoswki: I am convinced that the Cemat has made it clear that the emphasis at the fair has shifted from a rather technology-oriented point of view to one with a strong focus on IT. Digitalisation is now right in the centre of the stage and will influence all technologies. I am quite confident that I personally can supply important impulses from the point of view of a medium-sized provider of IT, helping to raise further the visibility of IT in the Cemat board.


For you, “warehouse management” is a misnomer. What do you mean by that?

Currently, we are discussing very ambitious and future-oriented technical solutions for optimising flows and processes in intra-logistics. The emphasis here is on integration of material and information flows along the entire process chain. It is precisely for these requirements that we offer high-performance solutions. Yet we constantly hear from the market that customers are looking for a solution for warehouse management. This term has been in use for at least 30 years in the market and is simply no longer on target for the range of tasks that have to be covered by today’s high-performance, modern solutions. The way I see it, therefore, the term “warehouse management” is antiquated and urgently requires a freshening-up in the sense of Logistics 4.0.

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