Parts and surface cleaning Germany: parts2clean Industry Forum

Editor: Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

In virtually every branch of industry, the cleanliness of parts has become a key quality criterion—and a competitive factor of decisive importance. As such, cleaning can be seen as a direct contributor to the business value of the products on offer.

Parts and surface cleaning at the parts2clean Industry Forum
Parts and surface cleaning at the parts2clean Industry Forum
( Deutsche Messe AG)

In order to achieve the requisite degree of surface cleanliness with lasting results and at minimal cost, it is necessary to know about the available technologies—what they can do and cannot do, and how best to use them. The 14th Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning runs from 31 May to 2 June 2016 at the exhibition centre in Stuttgart.

It is not just the exhibitors’ displays that make the show so attractive and worthwhile for visitors: The Industry Forum, internationally renowned as a knowledge resource, is also a major attraction, offering lectures and presentations with simultaneous translations from and to German and English. “This year we not only have a program of 25 presentations under five topic clusters, but also the first-ever Innovations Forum. Organized by the German industry association for industrial parts cleaning, this is a showcase for demonstrating the latest advances in parts cleaning,” announced Director, parts2clean, Deutsche Messe, Olaf Daebler.

Experts on cleaning

The first themed session is entitled “Cleaning processes and methods”. It includes contributions on the basics of designing processes and choosing plant for water-based cleaning, highlights the possibilities and limitations of washing solutions, both new and established, and offers advice on recognizing problems in cleaning, and how to avoid them.

On the second day of the show, the program gets off to a start with the special session “Innovations Forum on parts cleaning”. The latest innovations from exhibitors for different stages of the industrial parts cleaning process are presented here in the form of short talks. The main emphasis will be on innovative solutions for the chemical and process industries, plant engineering and accessories, measuring, testing and control, as well as technical support and servicing. The afternoon session at the Industry Forum is all about “deburring and stripping”. The talks deal with topics such as: When coatings become contaminants, laser de-coating as surface preparation for heavy-duty corrosion protection, surface treatment with light, deburring with ultrasound as an alternative to conventional processes, and cleaning/degreasing/deburring and high-gloss polishing, all carried out in one operation with the aid of plasma-polishing technology.

The third day’s agenda begins with the session “Analytical processes and methods”, and offers talks on surface analysis solutions for quality control in medical technology, and an innovative optical system for particle detection in industrial cleanliness analysis. A case study documents a system for rapid particle analysis integrated into the production process. The speakers at this session will show how advanced analysis can provide more information about the origin and harmful potential of particles, how the cleanliness of tiny areas for spot-bonding can be checked by contact angle measurement, and how imaging inline inspection techniques can be used to examine the surfaces of engineering components. The final session is called “Industrial cleanliness”, and begins with a talk on industry alliance AdhäSa that focuses on chemical and filmic contaminants in the car industry. The subjects of the other talks are parts cleaning for industry newcomers, a process for monitoring the effectiveness of cleanliness analyses, and a technique for measuring surface cleanliness in just one second.

* Content Source: Deutsche Messe AG