Beumer develops smart maintenance system Germany: Looking at the world through smart glasses

Editor: Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Augmented reality offers interesting possibilities and potentials, e.g. for maintenance work on intralogistic systems: a head-mounted minicomputer could display all necessary information to the service employee. This would simplify their work, hands-free.

Beumer Group increases efficiency and safety of your baggage handling systems by using tablet computers.
Beumer Group increases efficiency and safety of your baggage handling systems by using tablet computers.
(Photo: Beumer Group)

The Beumer Group development department places a high priority on this topic. With an app for smart maintenance on mobile end devices, our customer support technicians can quickly access all important data.


Companies must repair their machines and systems quickly to avoid costly downtimes. This is becoming a more difficult task as systems are becoming increasingly complex, requiring highly qualified service technicians. Even the most skilled technicians sometimes have to read through heavy manuals, open up drawings or struggle with outdated plans. This costs valuable time, and should be so much easier in the digital age. Tablets, smartphones and smartwatches have become indispensable in our private lives. Even smartglasses are increasingly finding their way into our lives. A tourist strolling through Paris, sits down at the Eiffel tower, puts on his glasses and gets all the information he wants, according to his location and true to scale: How tall is the building? What are the opening hours? How did these scene look like 100 years ago? "We take up this technological trend, to complement reality with digital information," says Dr. Andreas Werner, head of the research and development department with Beumer Group. "This app for smart maintenance will help facilitate maintenance work on intralogistic systems for Beumer Customer Support employees."

App facilitates maintenance

Through AutoID characteristics on the logistic element, e.g. a conveyor, and the smart maintenance app, information on this element can be displayed, such as maintenance instructions or pin assignments. The service employee focuses on the object with his mobile device. The required data is displayed on the live image of the camera of the device. "The technician looks at the defective part and can immediately call up every related manuals or goods in stock, " explains Dr. Andreas Werner. Every process step is displayed. In the event of very complex processes, he can call a colleague by using the smartglasses and solve the problem together via live stream. Measured values could be recorded at the same time and transferred to the back-end system in real time. Video recordings and photos can document whether an order was carried out correctly and in compliance with the safety regulations.