Awards Germany: Impressive innovations at formnext

Editor: Franziska Breunig

The event is attracting many young companies to showcase their innovative technologies in the field of manufacturing.

Awards given to the winners of the formnext Start-up Challenge 2017.
Awards given to the winners of the formnext Start-up Challenge 2017.
(Source: Mesago/Thomas Klerx)

The winners of the formnext Start-up Challenge 2017 will reveal stunning innovations for the future of the additive manufacturing sector at formnext. The event is scheduled to be held from November 14–17, 2017 in Germany. Young companies such as AIM3D, AM Technologies, Authentise , Elementum 3D, and Identify3D won over this year’s international jury. The event is keen on attracting upcoming innovators from around the world. The Start-up Challenge enables the exhibition to recognize creative young companies in additive technology on an annual basis.

The winners

AIM3D GmbH captured the jury’s attention with its new 3D metal-printing technology. The company employs a technique known as composite extrusion modeling (CEM), which combines additive manufacturing with metal injection molding. The procedure turns inexpensive metal injection molding granulate into fine filament that is applied in layers. This results in green bodies that can then be sintered into finished parts.

AM Technologies will also showcase its intelligent, automated post-processing solution for 3Dprinted polymer components. The company’s patented PostPro3D technology (which itself is based on boundary-layer automated smoothing technology, or BLAST) is said to produce a level of surface quality comparable to injection molding.

Authentise provides a software designed to automate and monitor AM operations. With two of its modules – the 3Diax modular platform and the Authentise Manufacturing Execution System – users can implement automated order processing in additive manufacturing, which ultimately reduces per-unit costs while speeding up production.

Elementum 3D specializes in the development of high-performance materials for 3D printing, including special metals, ceramics, and composites. The company wants to devise 3D materials that transcend the known limits of density and even particle distribution using its patented reactive additive manufacturing (RAM) technology.

Identify3D has developed digital supply chain software that adapts processes and products to established engineering standards. This enables it to offer quality assurance that covers everything from initial designs to finished products. At the same time, the software is intended to help engineers make the right decisions in creating new products and optimizing existing ones.

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