New Pharma Cartoner Sigpack from Bosch Germany: Highest Product Protection and Maximum Flexibility

Author / Editor: Soumi Mitra / Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Bosch Packaging Technology has expanded its portfolio with new Sigpack TTMP. It is efficient and flexible cartoning solution specifically made for the pharmaceutical industry.

The new topload cartoner from Bosch is based on the successful TTM platform and is specifically adapted to the needs of pharmaceutical customers.
The new topload cartoner from Bosch is based on the successful TTM platform and is specifically adapted to the needs of pharmaceutical customers.
(Photo: Bosch Packaging)

Bosch Packaging Technology, a supplier of process and packaging technology, has added a new topload cartoner to its well-known TTM product portfolio. “The Sigpack TTMP enhances our product portfolio with an efficient and highly flexible cartoning solution, especially for pharmaceutical customers. It is based on our successful TTM platform, which is already used around the world,” explains Michael Haas, product manager at Bosch Packaging Systems.

Specifically for the pharmaceutical industry

The proven features of the TTM platform have been advanced specifically for the packaging of ampoules, vials, syringes, pens and further products from the pharmaceutical industry. A simple and safe changeover concept, high process safety and a broad format and product flexibility characterize the machine. Due to its modular design, the machine layout can be adjusted to different product infeeds. With an output of 30 up to 200 cartons, the TTMP provides individual solutions for both small and large production batches.

The Sigpack TTMP can be seamlessly combined with the Sigpack TTMC case packer. This offers customers a uniform, user-friendly operating concept for the entire line.

Great flexibility and smooth handling

Thanks to the patented format changeover concept, tool-less format changes with vertical restart can be carried out within a few minutes. The open and easily accessible machine design provides for a very fast line clearance. “The patented changeover concept enables our customers to flexibly and quickly package various pack styles on one machine. This is especially important for increasingly small batch sizes,” Haas says.

A wide range of product infeed solutions and loading possibilities ensure the gentle handling of sensitive products such as vials, ampoules, syringes and injection pens. Various gripper technologies provide for smooth packaging of the products. Depending on requirements, different mechanic, vacuum-based or grippers with airflow technology are being used. Modules for forming and inserting partitioners, package inserts and tray denesting can also be integrated.

Maximum efficiency and 100 percent process safety

The Sigpack TTMP is easily accessible and open. The compact, GMP-compliant design supports process safety. Additional Track & Trace-solutions such as the CPS module (Carton Printing System) from Bosch or third-party suppliers can be easily integrated. The machine can also be equipped with the Bosch CPI

software, which manages serialization from the allocation of serial numbers through to the last aggregation step. Thus, the Sigpack TTMP fulfils the most recent serialization requirements for pharmaceutical products.

Various monitoring functions inspect the packaging process at several points. For instance, the carton blanks are already scanned at the infeed. Vision systems and code verification allow to examine carton contents, the correct infeed of the package inserts, as well as the intact shape of the cartons. Incorrect packs are automatically dispatched from the system by discharging devices. This concept ensures 100 percent process control and also speeds up line clearance during batch change.

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