Event Preview Germany: DeburringEXPO

Editor: Franziska Breunig

The trade fair for Deburring Technology and Precision Surfaces is scheduled to be held from October 10-12, 2017.

The last editon of DeburringEXPO.
The last editon of DeburringEXPO.
(Source: DeburringEXPO)

From October 10-12, 2017 at the trade fair center in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany, around 150 exhibitors at DeburringEXPO will be showcasing an extensive spectrum of solutions to the wide-ranging tasks of deburring, rounding and manufacturing precision surfaces. In addition to the products presented by companies from 16 different countries, a three-day expert forum will also be held. This will give professional visitors the opportunity to find out about innovative developments, practical examples and benchmark solutions in simultaneously-translated (German <> English) presentations.

In its second year, DeburringEXPO is expecting a plus of over 40 per cent more exhibitors compared to its first fair in 2015. The trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surfaces is also becoming significantly more international, with approximately 22 per cent of the 150 exhibitors coming from abroad. “Of course we’re really pleased to have aroused such interest among so many foreign companies. We are even more pleased to be able to offer the most comprehensive range of solutions to professional visitors from the fields of automotive, drive and transmission technology, aerospace and space travel, mechanical engineering and medical products, as well as the sanitary, watch-making and tool industries, fluidics, hydraulics, precision engineering, micro technology and many other sectors. They will be able to obtain all the information they need within the space of just one day”, explains Hartmut Herdin, CEO of the organizing company fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG.

Cross-technology solutions with many innovations

The fact that exhibitors view the show as a platform for their industry is further underlined by the numerous new and further developments being showcased at the fair in all areas of the exhibition. These include robot-deburring systems for machining die-cast parts, for example. Specially-designed cutting tools produce uniform and narrow deburring edges on aluminum cast parts. An energy-efficient and automated blasting system for processing small components will be presented. An innovative ECM plant, specially designed to finish the surfaces of 3-D printed metal parts and remove micro burrs, will also be on show. A new planetary finishing machine with a freely-controllable gearing mechanism will be showcased, as well as a teachable plug-and-play grinding system for finishing defined areas of single parts in an automated, high-precision process that is easy to integrate into production lines. Novelties also await exhibitors in the deburring tool sector, such as a tool that uses a machining process to automatically deburr intersecting boreholes with a defined edge. The new tools are designed to cope with increasingly complex geometries, as well as new materials and material combinations. New and further developments are also being presented in the areas of brush deburring, thermochemical deburring (TEM), abrasive flow machining, (flow grinding), plasma polishing, cryogenic and ultrasonic deburring, as well as process monitoring and quality control.

The solutions on display are extended by the theme “Cleaning parts after deburring”. This gives an overview of current technologies for optimally removing deburring residues.

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