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Germany: Affirmative dimensions in quality assurance

| Editor: Briggette Jaya

The 31st Control closed with very positive figures.
The 31st Control closed with very positive figures. (Source: PE Schall)

The 31st Control in Stuttgart, Germany is said to have lived up to its status as a globally leading trade fair.

Feedback from exhibitors and the exhibitor advisory committee was positive and the numbers were indeed good: 942 exhibitors from 31 countries, over 560,000 ft2 of overall exhibition floor space, 29,417 registered expert visitors from 106 countries, significant growth in exhibitor and visitor numbers as well as exhibition floor space amounting to nearly 10%, numerous world’s firsts and innovative QA solutions that celebrated their premieres at Control 2017, 27% of the visitors were foreign, the organisers reported. And stated that the show remains the benchmark for all issues involving industrial quality assurance.

Impressions from Control 2017.
Impressions from Control 2017. (Source: PE Schall)

Initiated in 1987 by P. E. Schall GmbH at the fair venue in Sinsheim, the event was relocated to Stuttgart in 2007. Thus 10 years of Control in Stuttgart, 10 years of the Fraunhofer IPA Event Forum and 10 years of honouring recipients with the highly renowned Baden-Württemberg Award for Competence in Innovation and Quality – all to term it a “ten-year celebration” this time around.

The Baden-Württemberg Award for Competence in Innovation and Quality, which is sponsored by the TQU Group and trade fair promoters P.E. Schall, was awarded to Hobart GmbH in the “Company” category und Martin Hubschneider of CAS Software AG won in the “Business Personality” category this year.

This edition also included a supplementary programme held by time-tested collaboration partners including the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance with a special show for contactless measuring technology, the DGQ workshops, the “Business France” collective booth (organised this year for the second time) and the Exhibitor Forum - all added to a successful QA industry meet for 2017.

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