COMPANY NEWS: TURKISH MACHINERY German-Turkish cooperation in machinery construction

Author / Editor: Silvia Bartsch / Franziska Breunig

The machinery construction sector also forms the motor of the Turkish economy. During the last 15 years, the Turkish machinery construction industry could both in the field of production, export, investments, occupation as well as record outstanding growth in the field of research and development.

(Bild: Turkish Machinery)

For some time, even if the upward trend of the Turkish economy overall has to combat with different barriers, the machinery construction sector faces up to this trend with engaged and dynamic companies and sets future challenges.

Identifying and using chances and potentials

Of special significance is the machinery construction sector, particularly in the following targets:

  • Increase of exports, diversification of product groups in the subbranches, world market leaders in selected product groups
  • Increase of the added value in production and export
  • Higher investments in technologies and new partnerships
  • Redevelopment of products and services in the upper-medium as well as high technology segment
  • Highly qualified personnel

Both individual companies and business associations and organisations work towards these goals.

A special meaning attribute the economic operators for several years to the extended, intensive and proven economic relationships between Germany and Turkey. The German machinery construction sector is viewed in Turkey as an important motor for technology, progress and innovation and quality. For many Turkish companies, it is, therefore, of great significance, closely cooperative with the German sector to fulfil the requirements of technological redevelopments with the very advantages of flexibility, innovation and service willingness, geostrategic advantages and to learn and develop from and with German companies.

Even at EMO 2017, priority of Turkish companies was shown to be in relation to the cooperation with German companies. The Turkish machinery construction sector was both represented with three commercial associations (Turkish Machinery Machinery Exporters Association ;

MIB Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers ; TIAD Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association) as well as with 48 Turkish exhibitors at the world leading fair for metal processing.

The following short presentation by exhibitors give a small overview of the diversity as well as the orientation of participants at EMO:

Enigma Fast Clamping Systems

(Bild: Turkish Machinery)

Products: Fast clamping systems in use for inspection devices, tools, assembly lines for welding applications and quality control

What does your product or company exhibit?

Development of new production techniques for several products; customised solutions; products with high quality and shelflife; flexibility, customer and quality orientation, precision.

Here you get to the website of Enigma Fast Clamping Systems.

Miksan Motor

(Bild: Turkish Machinery)

Products: Electrial engines, pumps, vibration engines

What does your product or company exhibit?

Customised solutions with high quality, open structures, employees involved to in constant development of new solutions; unique characteristics of drilling oil pumps and ATEX-certified vibration motors. The greatest strength lies in the F+E-activity and hence it is processed in an innovative and dauntless manner for product and quality development.

Here you get to the website of Miksan Motor.

Endo Endüstriyel

(Bild: Turkish Machinery)

Product: Industrial Hardware and Automation Systems, 3-ax robotic manufacturing

What does your product or company exhibit?

High product and material quality; flexibility; far-reaching service network; short, reliable delivery times at competitive prices. Open structures and communication, flexible employees to motivate idea development and produce innovations as well as customised solutions.

Here you get to the website of Endo Endüstriyel.

Poleks Machine

(Bild: Turkish Machinery)

Products: Surface-cutting machines, boring machines, modernisation and maintenance of machines

What does your product or company exhibit?

Both standardised but, in particular customised solutions with high quality at competitive prices, far-reaching services

Here you get to the website of Polkes Machine.

Many of the exhibiting companies could, overall, expand the international relations, but evaluate vorrangig the contact opportunities to the German business participants as particularly important and successful.