JEC 2017 France: Record breaking figures

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

JEC World, the exhibition dedicated to composites materials closed its doors on Thursday 16 March, 2017. With an attendance grow of 10%, the show was a huge success.

1,300 exhibitors attracted 40,607 professional visitors at this year's JEC world in Paris.
1,300 exhibitors attracted 40,607 professional visitors at this year's JEC world in Paris.
(Source: JEC Group)

“JEC Group’s strategy towards end-users is a winning one as we welcomed more architects, creators, developers, designers, style engineers and trend-setters,” says Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group president and CEO. Indeed, the 4 “Innovation planets” that showcased the latest composites innovations were focused on Aerospace, Automotive, Better Living and Building. Besides, JEC Group launched its new publication “The Future of Building” during JEC World 2017. “We are very happy with the participation and the enthusiasm the composites professionals expressed. We are grateful and are committed to go further, “ Mutel adds.

Over the 3 days, the event recorded an increase of 10% professional visits compared to 2016, i.e. 40,607 in attendance, counting 78% International Visitors from 113 countries.

”We strongly believe in collective intelligence and all our operations aim at involving the Golden Triangle: Industry, research and economic authorities, such as regional or national entities. It is certainly part of our success, both for JEC Group and here for JEC World”, Mutel comments. Alongside the many International Pavilions, every French Regions was also represented.

The high degree of interest in JEC World also lies in the fact that JEC World perpetually renews itself constantly. “Each year, new products and services are offered to exhibitors and visitors. For instance, in 2017, the Startup Booster competition, the new planets, the electronic devices and the giant LED screen on the VIP Club, are some of our novelties and improvements that refined customer experience.” Anne-Manuèle Hébert explaines, show director of JEC World and European shows.

JEC Group also welcomed special guests who are passionate with composites such as Gregg Lemond, champion and cycling expert, Thomas Coville, new solo, round-the-world record on maxi trimaran, Leilani Münter, Electric GT Pilot, or Nandor Fa, Vendée Globe 8th place contestant.

This article was first published on ETMM online.