France: Diverse Subsidies to the Investors

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The European Union specifies special regulations for major projects with an amount of more than 50 million Euros, if these are implemented by one or more companies within a period of three years and display an indivisible economic combination. In this case, the country informs the European committee regarding the sponsorships, wherein the upper limits are regionally different.

In specific regions with disadvantages, the local public authorities – from the local authorities via the departments through to the regions – furthermore decide that a company shall be completely or partially exempted from local taxes, if it settles there, expands or takes over a different company in need of rehabilitation. The exemption of such taxes is limited to five years.


The development bank explicitly welcomes the dedication of foreign companies

Preferential financing for investments are offered through the development bank BPI France, which France has established according to the model of German KfW. "The dedication of foreign companies is a positive, essential factor to create workplaces and to stimulate national economy", explained Nicolas Dufourcq, Director General of BPI France.

The subsidiaries of foreign companies could therefore profit from the financing, according to the same criteria as the French companies. The employees in 42 regional branches of the development bank as provided as contact persons. "The financing models of BPI France contribute towards the attractiveness of investment location, where we want to welcome more foreign partners every day", said BPI-France-General Director Dufourcq.

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